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Rivers Swan Can Introduce Soccer Competition

The Rivers State chapter of Nigeria sports writer Association (SWAN) can introduce soccer competition in line with the job the body does.

Sports writers criticize and commend on the activities of sports of others while apart from writing, the Rivers SWAN had never one day organized itself a soccer or sports event, where the public will see how good those who set agenda of sports with the pen.

For instance, if not for anything, the body could set up a committee to over see it physical exercise activities off the desk.

SWAN could have a Sunday, Sunday training to boost or March action with their criticism and remarks on radio, television or the prints.

It would be recalled that for not having a regular physical activities in the pitch in different occasions, the Rivers SWAN found it extremely difficult to have a standing first eleven (soccer team) supposing there is a regular training activities, atleast in football, Rivers SWAN could one day take on Sharks or Dolphins and go on to beat them.

What of other sporting events? SWAN Rivers State should be more purposeful to seek for sponsor to organize itself sporting activities if not football, it should be lawn tennis, table Tennis, wrestling, swimming or any sport of interest.

It helps the members have healthy memory and body to go about doing their job (2) it enhance and boost the ego of members to mentally criticize or remark on any sporting activity (3) it encourages and helps in living a healthy lifestyle.

The state government too can initiate a trophy to that effect, where the state SWAN is not forthcoming with a proposal concerning, an agenda for this purpose. This will commit every media house to hit the ground running.

The Newswriter sports here appeals to Rivers State SWAN to take a cue from the Lagos State SWAN to organize itself SWAN 2015 competition either in October or November.

After all, all work and no play make sports writers in the state dull and ineffective in sports reporting. ###


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