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Federal Road Safety Commission And Speed Limit Machine

map 2For many years in Nigeria, road accident has become a threat to travelers and pedestrians. Hundreds of lives are lost every your through road accident across the country. It is worthy to know that over speeding is one of the major causes of road accident. And every effort and strategy used by government and its agencies to curtail over speeding proved abortive. And again, government is not resting on it hoarse to see Nigerian die daily as a result of reckless driving.

Indeed, it is also believed and known that some driver drive under the influence of alcohol. And that has led to many lost of lives as the driver under such influence could not control the vehicles effectively and efficiently, to the right direction and speed limit. It is also verified that bad road is another cause of road accident. This nightmare has made government to keep seeking for measures year in year out to stop the incessant road accident in the country.

Travelling at night was put on hold some years ago as a result of frightening road accident taking place at night. All was in a bid to stop road accident. The effort by government did not yield any tangible result. It was on that premise that Federal Road Safety Commission was established to regulate and tackle traffic offences in Nigeria. Few years ago, the Federal Safety Road Commission introduced reflexive band to control accident. But after many months of introduction and sale of reflexive to motorists went into oblivion. It is sad to note that traffic rules are not obeyed by many motorists in Nigeria. This alone has given room to accident on Nigerian roads. One wonders why many very important personalities (VIP) in Nigeria violate traffic rules. And when they are abroad, they obey the least traffic rules they ignore in Nigeria. Over speeding and reckless driving is concomitant with accident.

It is based on that notion that Federal Road Safety commission initiated the introduction of speed limit machine. The prime function of the machine is to control high speed that leads to loss of lives. This machine when installed can stop a moving vehicle on excessive speed. Indeed, it is a welcome development but the question is, would it be maintained to fulfill the purpose it was introduced in Nigeria? Nigerians had seen series of innovative introduction by many government agencies to no avail. Motorists some times, are made to pay for what does not last.

The introduction of speed limit machine was scheduled to commence on 1st September, 2015. In spite of the notable functions of the speed limit machine, there is need for proper enlightenment and public awareness of the machine. Again, another issue of concern is the price. The price of the speed limit machine is N35,000.O0 and while the cost of installation on a car is N1000.00. The enforcement of the machine on motorists by the Federal Road Safety, should be done with utmost understanding, considering the nature of economy now. The durability of the machine should be made known to the citizens.

Thus, no Nigerian wants accident on the road. The procurement of the Speed Limit Machine by motorists should be done with a human face to avoid hanky-panky and doubt in the mind of Nigerians. Federal Road Safety Commission should look into the price of the machine to avoid motorists paying through the nose. Yes, stopping accident is a good thing; but Nigerians should not be made to pay heavily for the device. Indeed, before total enforcement and compliance on the use of the Speed Limit Machine, there is need for proper education and orientation.

The motorists need to have first-hand information about the machine. The roads in the country should also be fixed for effective and efficient use of the Speed Limit Machine. The Federal Road Safety Commission should 4ntimate motorists with the new development in order to foster smooth implementation and compliance of the Speed Limit Machine. There should be no circulation of fake machine. The exorbitant price of the machine should be reduced in order for all motorists to purchase. ####




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