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Secrets Of Governor Wike’s Achievements In 100 Days In Office

wikeMost times in my quiet periods I will imagine how the world will look without a government, considering the atrocities men and women are committing. An ancient philosopher, Thomas Hobbe years ago revealed the picture of pre-government era.

According to him, life was short and brutish and he described the time as a period of survival of the fittest.

The Thomas Hobbian state of nature was the darkest era of human history.

However, the emergence of modern government aggressively tackled the flaws associated with the Thomas Hobbe’s view of pre-government era.

Though there are several types of government, but the most popular one is what is called democracy.

In democratic government every member of the community or society is involved in decision-making directly or indirectly. That is why democracy cannot be compared with any form of government. In the past sixteen (16) years, Nigeria as a nation is enjoying democracy without any interruption. Unlike before when military government frequently disrupt the Nigeria’s democratic government. Today military administration has become aberration and obsolete.

One of the basic features of democracy is development, therefore a government that does not take good care of its citizenry is not a democratic, but will find itself under one of these: autocracy, authoritarian, nepotism, military, aristocracy amongst others.

A democracy is the government of the people by the people and for the people. No doubt Gov. Nyesom Wike’s administration is democratic as residents of the state have started enjoying the dividends of democracy.

Gov. Wike’s one hundred days in governance has facilitated development in the state. A lot of abandoned projects have been completed and new ones executed.

Careful observation shown that the secrets behind Wike’s successes are many, but major ones among them are: proper planning, good administrative abilities, better leadership styles, prudent spending etc.

For now in the history and the life of Rivers State, Gov. Nyesom Ezenwo Wike is the only that can ensure positive transformation. ###





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