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The Role Of Local Government In The Development Of Rural Communities

Local government is the third tier of government that is close to the grassroots. The state government is far from the local people; the councilor is the one that the people will always complain to concerning issues bothering them.

One important aspect of local government in developing rural communities is the provision of electricity. The rural people need electricity in their daily activities. It is not every villager that can afford money to buy a generating set to boost his/her businesses that are electricity driven.

Also the chairman or councilor of a local government provides water for the locality. If this is made available, the villagers will not have to trek long distance to streams and rivers in search of water which is sometimes risky.

Furthermore, local government encourages industrialization by giving loans to villagers who are engaged in small scale businesses such as rice mill industry, palm oil processing industry etc. The local government encourages them by giving them land for permanent site to take off.

Beside encouraging industrialization, the local government also encourages agriculture activities. Apart from agricultural meeting the food need of the people it also serves as a means of job creation. For example labourers can be hired to clear and cultivate a farmland which at the end they will be paid.

In addition, local government also constructs road and bridges in local communities. Sometimes, business transaction from outside communities/towns that will encourage development is hindered because of bad roads.

In conclusion, if there is development in rural communities, there will be no rural-urban migration in search of jobs. Our various local government chairmen and councilors should take development of rural communities as their utmost priority. By so doing the skills and creativity of the youths will be properly harnessed. ###


Blessing Okoro


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