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Lastly you ask if Yahoshea comes, will he absorb sinner to himself as I said that no soul will be lost. Truly no soul will be lost by Yahoshea who is a good shepherd. Therefore the teachings that a greater proportion of mortals will be cast into hellfire along with Lucifer is an added fiction by false translators. When Yahoshea Meshiyach manifested in his first advent, he was not aggressive over sinners neither did he waste his precious time on Satan pursuit, rather he disagreed with the Scribes and Pharisees who taught people abominable heresies. Instead of warring with sinners, he showed compassion to the harlots and the tax collectors who were seen as the worst sinners by the age.

Yahoshea as omniscience, knows that if the Sanhendrins are removed, sinners will change for good. He illustrated that a shepherd with hundred sheep lost only one, abandoned ninety nine others and went for the search of the lost sheep and when he discovered it, he was filled with happiness which prompted him to make merriment with his friends. How can a person with such impulse come back and declare war against the sinners he came for and to cast them into hellfire. It’s not possible, all will return back to him through the teachings of the eternal Comforter. Thanks.


Question 3

Dear Meshiyach, when I read your write-up on the “search for selfhood, blackman’s renaissance” I was enticed by your revelations about Sat Guru Maharaji and leader Olumbia Obu. What is your assessment on the Nigeria born international preachers with special reference to Prophet T.B Joshua? How do you see the miracles, signs and wonders they display daily? I am Mr. Allwell Chinda from Rumueme, Obio/Akpor in RiversState.

Answer: -Dear Allwell, congratulation for reading that articles, you see in that write-up, I didn’t attack Sat Guru Maharaji or leader Olumba Olumba Obu as many of their followers alleged.

I only spoke of their religious background. While Sat Guru Maharaji falls to Indian Mystery, Leader Olumba Olumba falls to the Roman (Babylonian) mystery. And I made it clear that Prophet Yahmarabhi falls unto Hebrew pantheon which is widely accepted as the true worshippers of our creator Yahweh.

Therefore the true assessment of all Nigerian born international preachers which includes Prophet T.B. Joshua is that as Christians, they all belong to Romanism. The Orthodox, Protestants, Pentecostals and their daughters are various appendages of Roman Catholic Church who inherited almost all the ancient doctrines of Babylon. They can be summoned as the same Babylon in various suits, whence you address Yahweh in many forms of names, profane Sabbath rest and rejects all the authorized feasts of Yahweh, you are no more Hebrewic in consciousness.

If you keep Sunday rest (the day of the venerable sun) New Year in January month, Easter festival and Christmas feast marks you out as a worker for Babylonism.

So various wranglings amongst the Christian folds is nothing than contests over leadership and such in manifesting seriously in daily activities of Pentecostal Churches where every pastor wants to be a General Overseer. Those who are successful are branded with different names from the unsuccessful ones.

For instance, there is claim that leader Olumba OLumba Obu is the chief of all wizards, that T.B. Joshua is an Anti-Christ and that Pastor Chris Oyakhilomeh goes on stage managed miracles. All these rumours are peddled by same Christians who worship the same Christ with those internationally recognized preachers. Those claims cannot turn their peddlers to be pure and holy since all are tied with the same rope. (Christianity). If Christianity is the right way, all that worshipped through the name of Christ will be saved but if Christianity is wrong, all those who worship in the name of Christ will be confirmed as wrongful workers.

If the name “CHRIST” is the true name of the saviour, no wizard, witch or occultist can use it. No one who is against Christ (ANTI-CHRIST) that can go about preaching about Christ. No one boldly praises the name of his enemy. So the allegation that some preachers of Christ are wizards and Anti-Christ proves that the Christ is divided, one for its genuine followers and the other for his hypocritical followers.

But the truth of the matter is that, the name for the genuine believers is Yahoshea Meshiyach while the name Christ is arranged by Greek people who are enemy to Yahoshea Meshiyach. So any Christian that wants to experience a genuine relationship with the saviour should make u-turn and take conversion and baptism to Yahosheanism. Thanks.


Question 4

Dear Meshiyach, I am a free thinker, a truth seeker and fundamental esortoricist. I have been opportuned to read some of your recent write-ups. One of notable interest in those articles are your boldness in expressing that there is no Satan rather men are under Karmic propelling force. Then my questions are- if Satan doesn’t exist, are you telling the world at large that their sacred books such as Bible, Quran, Talmud etc a are incorrect for upholding the existence of Satan? Again who are behind negative spiritual activities such as the acts of magicians, witchdoctors and native doctors? I am Mr. Silas Ojei, a residence at Port Harcourt, RiversState.

Answer: Thanks Mrs. Ojei for your interest. I am happy that you are a truth seeker and men of your type are my main target. Truth clears every error in thought and the aim of every individual is to gain awareness of truth. But it is unfortunate that the religious organizations and their scriptures (constitutions) that pride themselves as the real estate for investigating and preparing people to identify with the natural truths, but those scriptures have alienated men from arriving to the expected truths and realities of life.

The original scriptures were written by inspired men of Yahweh and their works were known as Torah, but modern scriptures such as Bible, Talmud, Koran etc are offsprings of the Torah. Since the copyists or translators were not inspired as the original writers, they made some dangerous inputs in order to satiate their human knowledge.

The existence of   Satan as accounted by those scriptures is one of the major blunders by the translators. Any little investigation by a seeker will prove the belief as superstition or myth. For instance, can man inherit the knowledge of good and bad through rebellion? Since Yahweh is all knowing, and man is made in his image and likeness, can man exist without knowledge in him? When men was in the

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