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ISSUES ABATTOIR: Nigeria 2016: Missing Budget, Missing Administration

Opposition presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari, of the All Progressives Congress, speaks during the Nigeria Labour Congress in AbujaMay 29th, 2016 would crown seventeenth (17th) years of uninterrupted democracy in Nigeria at 56 years and 17 years of a child is expected to be progression rather than retrogression, however the death of such a child is always very painful to the parents because at such age, parents expectations are high particularly for such to be a good child.

But, Nigeria’s democracy at 17 without mincing words is witnessing same experience of 1985, why major general Ibrahim Babangida Rtd took over government from the then head of states, Mohammadu Buhari. Then, it was an obvious face of scarcity of everything, high cost of living and sorry economy.

Regrettably, at 56 years of Nigeria, and at the instance of democracy, there is the fact that no one in military attire to salvage the suffering masses from the same dictator who was equally nick name “koboko” in many quarters because, in accordance with what they called constitution, the 4 years tenure must be completed except otherwise.

Today, Nigeria is swiftly moving towards anarchy because of evidence of anarchical rule by the incumbent President Mohammadu Buhari, whose respect for the rule of law is a prohibition and a never mention issue.

For the first time in history that issues relating to annual budgets are treated with kids glove little wonder the international communities attach little or no importance to Nigeria.

Is it not ridiculous for a country’s budget to be said to have either be loss, missing or disappeared from the senate? A budget presented to the both chambers of National Assembly and off-course distributed to all members of senate could not be reported to be missing in the first instance.

Let it be known that either loss, missing or withdrawn as the case maybe, it is on record that the APC’s leadership in Nigeria is not only porous, lacking in direction, blue prints, but without vision.

An attempt first to mislead the citizenry has failed when they, APC could not substantiate their plans in whatever guise to fool the people.

It is now obvious that what many said about the current administration led by the All Progressives Congress is speedily fulfilling.

The controversies surrounding the 2016 budget is enough to convince Nigerians that APC and Mohammadu Buhari do not mean well for Nigeria and Nigerians. From the issue of certificate when the president, then candidate of his party was speaking from two sides of his mount, it was certain that for one who had no knowledge of his military rule would have guess what his administration would be, and now the obvious is manifesting, what a government and hidden tribal agenda.

Minutes after senate President Bukola Saraki raised alarm of a missing budget document, a friend of Issues Abattoir called and said, “Issue Abattoir, did you listen to your friends at the National Assembly over the 2016 budget? While the answer was in the affirmative, the friend said, “Here is a failed plot by the APC, Buahri and his men to deceive Nigerians”.

Some seconds after the alarm, the senate president, Saraki constituted a committee to investigate the alleged missing document, what a ground lies for electorates? Again, the special adviser to the president Buhari on National Assembly, Senator Ita Enang was accused of submitting either two separate documents or forged one to the National Assembly.

But, for a quick response to publicly shame them over incompetence, the speaker of the House of Representatives, Dogara told Nigerians that no budget was missing as the original could be found in the lower chambers.

What exactly does Buhari wants in Nigeria?if the President is incompetent, what happens to his teaming ministers who many, described as capable and competent?

After hitting the polity over missing budget document and the subsequent calls for the process of impeachment to be commenced against President Buhari was when he (Buahri) hurriedly applied for withdrawal of the allege missing budget of the originally submitted document.

It is a shame, disgrace and ridiculous that Nigeria could never do anything right with this administration. What a country?

If President Buhari had known there is a missing link in the submitted budget, it is simply for him to have applied first for withdrawal and apologize to Nigerians, acknowledging that Nigerians are not happy over the budget from the beginning. Rather than doing that, he resorted to abusing Nigeria and Nigerians, as Ita Enang was assaulted, off-course Ita deserve that for choosing APC.

Indeed, the missing or withdrawn budget either for another document or amendment or correction amounts to a double budget presentation within eight (8) months of administration.

This act by Nigeria President, Buhari is no other significance than to say the ruling APC and the dictative president is incompetent to take Nigeria to the next level. It also signifies lack of vision and direction for the country.

When an administration is lacking basic qualities to pilot the country, certainly, it would resort to disobedience to the rule of law, dictatorship, anarchy and vendetta.

To crown it all, the missing of 2016 budget, a sign of incompetence of the Buhari’s government, is indeed a missing administration.

Meanwhile, where there is no administration or where the government cannot be placed on something but, falsehood, intimidation, then such is said to be no governance, therefore a throwing-in of the towel by President Buahri or simply resignation would be preferable for Buhari, to save Nigeria from an unforeseen circumstance.

He that hath an ear, let him hear what the spirit (Issues Abattoir) saith unto the Churches (Nigeria)” Rev. 3:22 KJV. ###


With James Mgboineme


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