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Women Focus: Wives Call Your Defecting Husbands To Order

couple-reviewing-their-financesOne of the duties of a wife is to call the husband attention where he is going wrong, taking a leaf from Pontius Pirate’s wife where she advised her husband to have no hand in the judgment of Jesus Christ. Matthew 27:19 says “When he (Pontius Pirate) was set down on the judgment seat, his wife sent unto him, saying, Have thou nothing to do with that just man: for I have suffered many things this day in a dream because of him”.
Women Focus sees women as agents of change and as one, we are calling on wives to manifest this good quality in the lives of their husbands.
Defecting from one party to another does not show any sign of maturity to such a defector, it is an indication that such a politician is not man enough to face his challenge at any given point in time. When a man runs away from his challenge, it shows that he is a coward, which I wouldn’t want the husband of a virtue woman to be.
An adage says make it clear that “A man who runs away from fight, will live to fight another”. The defectors (politicians) that are running away from their challenge (fight) watch them, they will live to fight another day, maybe in that party.
I thought before a politicians will join a particular political party, he or she must have fallen in love with the ideologies of that political party, why is it that they (defectors) are running away from what they concluded in their mind that it is good?
Defectors from PDP to APC like a prostitution. How? A prostitute will always go to a man that can pay well. When a prostitute is no longer seeing man’s blood to suck through money or other beneficial materials, she will look for her next victim. Is like the defectors are no longer seeing the national cake in their parties, they concluded to join APC where they have mouth watering promises for their selfish interest.
Women Focus is using this column to advise women on this issue that “When a father inherited a disease from his linkage, it is likely to affect the children later on. Every woman that is zealous of her family will want to prevent the transfer of such diseases. She will do everything possible to avert such diseases from her children because her children are her future.
The disease of members of PDP defecting to APC, where they had made their billions of naira before is a diseases that will soon eat the posterity if not take care of. The children will no longer see the need for uprightness and integrity, such qualities that uphold the character of an African man.
The masquerade that is pursuing members of PDP to APC will soon turn out to display its traditional display at APC play ground since they (APC) don’t want to take their time to ask question what is pursuing the PDP members to APC, and they are busy welcoming defectors from PDP.
I hope the APC really know the mission of the PDP defectors. Are they (PDP) really coming to work with them or they are coming to share the national cake, then move again to where there is a greener pasture.
Did the APC know whether the defectors from PDP have a mission why they are defecting? I hope the PDP defectors are not there in disguise to score home goal against APC.
By the culture and tradition of the Africans, I got to learn that African men face their challenges (fight) and work to see the end of it. Like what I read in “Things Fall Apart” about Okonkwo who was a unique example of an African man. But these days, the reverse is the case. African men especially Nigerian men no longer face their challenges; they are always looking for a short cut to the Promise Land. How then, will your wife be proud of you and call you “My Hero” when you have not fought and won any battle.
In those good olden day, women were given for marriage to a man who can wrestle very well or wrestle to win her love, such a man will be the pride and hero of his wife but nowadays, little political shaking politicians will see, they will start falling. How then can you sustain the love of real African women?
Finally, women as we know are agents of change; you need a bedroom talk with your husbands. Don’t support your husbands to jump from one political party to another, it goes to show your husband have a weak character, cannot defend his territory, indecisive always dancing to the tune of others.
My father told me a story where a father and his son went into a contest to show the public the measure of their wealth. While the son was buying acquiring more properties, the father was not bother, he (the father) did not buy any property or prepare in any way for the contest. When the D day finally came his son stood before all the wealth he have acquired to show to the public, looking at his father to see what his father was able to bring, saw walking to stand at his back, meaning that all the son owes is by his efforts as a father because if he didn’t give him a good training, he (son) wouldn’t have made it to this level. A lesson for the APC politicians. All that is in APC making noise is the product and evidence of the PDP. ###
Edith Nse Friday

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