Advice To Single Ladies

Some ladies are deceived and playing around with when it comes to the issues of marriage.
Single ladies should not give men the impression that they are desperate to marry or else men may capitalize on that, defraud and dump them as a piece of rag. Did you know that a man who want s to be having free sex with you may come around, even propose marriage when he knows within himself that he is not going to marry you at the end.
For instance, a friend of mine by name (Angel) not her real name. She was my course mate in the polytechnic; and in her late thirties. One day, I met her in a shopping mall with a man, whom I know very well. My friend introduced the man as her fiancé even though she was the person buying for the man. Immediately. I noticed that the man was uncomfortable with my presence because the man knew me. Few days later, I invited my friend (Angel) to my house and asked her about the man. I asked her if she has been sleeping with the man and she answer in affirmative, that they had slept for the past nine months and he proposed to marry her.
I asked how well she knew the man and to my surprise, she barely knew the man, only that the man has been coming to her. I told her that the man was enjoying free sex and food, that he wasn’t going to marry her. To prove that the man was not serious and not going to marry her, I took her to a friend of mine, a laboratory scientist who prepared a fake pregnancy test and gave to her. I told her to fake that she was pregnant.
That evening as usual, the man came and after eating the food, my friend served him, he demanded the next thing “sex”.
My friend (Angel) asked the man if he truly love her which the man swore that he loved her. She asked the man again, if he is serious to marry her which the man also swore that he will. My friend then brought out the test result and gave it to him requesting him to come and see her people that she was pregnant for him.
The man reacted angrily asking her, if she is a baby as to allow herself to get pregnant. He demanded that my friend should go an terminate the pregnancy, but my friend told him she will never terminate the pregnancy. The man was annoyed and left in anger and that was the last she saw the man in her house.
Later, my friend traced the man’s village only to confirm that the man was married with two kids, which the wife is there in the village.
If I have not helped the truth to come out, my friend would have hinged her hope of getting married on this man, while the man has continued to deceive her.
Any man who demands and encourages you to terminate a pregnancy may never marry you at the end.
Many men normally use marriage to deceive ladies to have sex with them and when pregnancy comes, they will run away or deny it. If a man comes disturbing you about marriage, don’t instantly agree and start opening your laps for him. Be patient and watch that man very well. Be sure that the man is serious.
The worst thing that can happen to a lady is for a man who has promised to marry her, get her pregnant and denies it or run away.
Many ladies have become single mothers and many have committed abortions because of this case.
Ladies, before you totally surrender in bed to a man who say he wants to marry you, do try to know some basic things about him.
1. Insist on knowing the village of the man, what he is doing for a living, where he lives.
2. You can go further by requesting the man to introduce you to his people and come for introduction to your people. By so doing, you will know how serious and committed the man is to that relationship.
3. As a lady, try to know your genotype beforehand, ie before you get into a deep relationship with any man, if you are “AS”, insist on knowing the genotype of that man. As to avoid been heart broken when your marriage is about to materialize, only to realize that the man is “AS” as well.
4. Take him to see your pastor, if you are a Christian and insist on seeing his pastor, if he is not in the same church with you. Believe me, any man who is not genuinely interested in marrying you, will disappear when he sees that you are trying to commit him.
Conclusively, ladies be steadfast; the right person will come at the right time and for the right reasons. Being too responsive and attentive is a bad plan. Be mindful of giving away too much of yourself too soon to someone who does not deserve it. ###


Edith Nse Friday



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