Curtailing Cult Related Clashes In Rivers State

According to the Bible of Genesis 20:13 says; Thou shalt not kill. The killing here is killing of human beings. This is on of the commandments given to human race by the Creator, God. The man inhumanity to man is on the increase. And it is on this background that the River State Government under the leadership of Governor Nyesom Wike on assumption of office procured vehicles, motorcycles and communication gadgets to combat crime in Rivers State. It is observed that procurement of facilities along t the security agencies would not solve the problem of crime if there is no synergy by the people. Man is not created to kill his fellow man. It is an abomination when such takes place in a human society.
Rivers state is so precious and strategic to be engulfed by cult activities. In the developed society government or security agencies do not work along they work with the id of the citizens. In recent times, people were aloof because of fear to being attack by unknown people if they synergize with the government to fight crime. And this singular attitude has contributed to increase of cult related crises in the society. Few days ago, precisely, Monday, the 22nd of February, 2016, the governor, Chief Barr. Nyesom Wike in a bid to stamp out cult related killings, held a stakeholder meeting with the people of Orasi at Omoku.
The effort of Governor Wike is a welcome development and should be extended to all parts of Rivers State especially Andoni. Few days ago, Oyorokoto fishing settlement in Andoni was over ran by cultists. The fishing settlement which was known to be the largest in West African is gradually becoming the smallest as a result o merciless killing by cultists. Many settlers are fleeing Oyorokoto for fears of being lynched. Today the economic and social activities at Oyorokoto have been brought to the lowest ebb. The sea pirates are not left out in this heinous crime as they attack boats and rape women in the sea.
Bonny axis is not also left out as passengers and boat owners suffer from the activities of sea pirates. Indeed, Akuku-Toru and Asari-Toru LGA have their fear shares of attacks by hoodlums. It is no longer myth; it is a reality. The brandishing of guns and dangerous weapons by hoodlums should be brought under control by the security agencies. There is a strong need to compliment the effort of Rivers State Government by the people to stop crime. The impact of cult related activities is mind blowing. Aborigines have been made to relocate to other perceived peaceful towns and villages. The killings are bound to discourage people from investing in Rivers State. And that is why; there should be no interplay of politics in these cult killings. The security Agencies should work to support the effort of the state government.
The cultists should be made to undergo rehabilitation and reintegration into the normal society. There shall be orientation against people embracing evil in their locality. It is obvious that today too many are living in fears in home of origin. This is because of the criminal activities being orchestrated in the rural areas of the state. Political parties should not be brought unto this cultic war of supremacy to avoid unnecessary escalation. Cultic activities should be investigated and those found wanting should be punished according to law.
The youth have arms should lay them down unconditionally for peace to reign in Rivers State. Sponsors of cultism in Rivers State should be investigated and if found wanting should be brought to book to serve as deterrent to others. Rivers people should be apolitical about cult related onslaught in the state. In curtailing the cult related onslaught in Rivers State all hands must be n desk. Rivers people synergies with the government to stop cult related killings. Let us eschew act of violence and join hands with the government to make Rivers State great. ###


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