Facts You Need To Know About God (2)

Out of love, God descends into the lower worlds to help man become God and find his way back home to the pure heavens above the fifth heaven to the Ocean of Love and Mercy. Out of love too, man must become God to find his way back home and be of service to God. This is why man needs God in flesh. For it is a spiritual law that only a Living Mother can breastfeed a Living Child. For a dead mother cannot attend to the Living. All those who wish to return to heaven through themselves and not through another must find the Living Word who has been appointed to lead man to God. He currently lives in America but man does not need to travel to visit him. For he is capable of visiting the individual wherever the individual resides. He does not require an appointment or money. The only requirement is a burning love for God. To make contact, the individual needs to Sing HU for an indication of his love for God Almighty. The individual shall be contacted by the Living Word in his dreams.

God is not a being that sits on a throne behind the clouds as man thinks. But as said earlier, God is a gigantic Ocean of Love and Mercy and out of this emanated Soul. But Soul is sent down to earth to learn how to give and receive love. When matured and competent, Soul then graduates from his spiritual education, just like a man graduates from the university, then goes back home into the heavens of God to assist God in running his universes.

God runs his numerous universes through Spiritual Laws. These laws are immutable and they are no respecter of men, religion, creed or station in life. These spiritual laws cannot be circumvented for they are the laws of God. These laws are: The laws of Freedom, Wisdom and Charity (love). These laws are tailored along the attributes of Soul. For instance under the law of freedom, we have the laws of karma and reincarnation. If man is free to take any action, he should be prepared for the consequences. It is not about being evil (since it is relative) but about what we have sown. Action and reaction are equal but opposite in direction. This is why if we sew love, we shall reap love. If we sew hate we shall reap hate. If we die before the reaping, we simply reincarnate to come and reap what we have sown. Why would man kill another and then ask for forgiveness from a savior? Who is going to replace the lost life? For every thought, word or deed must be paid for in the same coin. There is no exception to this rule.

This is why every sage that has come to this world preaches love. Give love, they advised because they know the individual will receive love in return. This is very important since love is the coin the individual presents at the door of heaven before he can see the Living Word, man has no option but to give love at all times. Without this, the individual will continue to roll on the wheel of karma and reincarnation.

Most men and women live daily by making numerous demands on God but most of us never think of what we might do for God. We make funny requests all day long expecting God to fulfill one request or another. But it will surprise us to know that God needs his trained children who are willing to work for God rather than make demands on God. God in IT’s Infinite Love and Mercy has provided all man of today needs but man must make the effort to achieve his dreams. Therefore God is willing to work with you rather than work for you as an individual.

Since God is a universal God, no religion can make God a personal God. For this God created both the heavens and the earth including the various religions that exist in the world today. This is to ensure that all his creations can evolve at their own pace, mature and return back home to God. For every religion represents a state of awareness based on the spiritual and religious experiences of the founder. But since the founders have vacated this earth and indeed the physical worlds, the followers of these religions find it difficult to make contact with God directly. They therefore resort to quoting experiences other people had with God millions and thousands of years ago. They can however have these same experiences if they are willing to be humble and learn at the feet of the Living Word, the Spiritual Coach whose responsibility it is to find those who wish to have the experiences of God.

Every religion an individual finds himself or herself is where the individual belongs. No individual can convert or convince anyone about a particular religion. For all religions corresponds to different levels of awareness or understanding of God and as such, individuals whose level of spiritual education corresponds to any of the religions must gravitate towards that religion. It is when such a religion cannot answer any new questions by the individual, his sufferings would propel him towards a better religion that would solve his particular problems. This is why individuals jump from one church to another, even from one denomination to another and one religion to another. This is because their spiritual education requires that they spiritually develop some areas in a particular lifetime. When they die or vacate the HU-man body, they reincarnate to come and continue their spiritual education until they arrive at that point in their lives when they realize that they need to look for God and abandon all the prosperity teasers that have been deceiving them for centuries. This is why we say that the search for God is the search for happiness. For when man gets to this juncture, he will discover that prosperity cannot fetch him happiness, marriage cannot fetch him happiness, money, wealth and children cannot fetch him happiness. All physical things and material things together cannot fetch him happiness.

What then can give man happiness?

The divine love of God. How can man find it? Only the Living Word, the Spiritual Coach, can show man the way.

How can man find the Living Word?

This is the purpose of this column: To give every man or Soul in HU-man body the opportunity to meet the Living Word, the Spiritual Coach who has the ability to lead you and I to God and visit the heavens of God while still alive. Without the Living Word, Soul in Human form will continue to go and come, go and come, go and come until man would cry to the heavens for God but would be directed to the Living Word for succor, for redemption. This is the only way. The individual should try other ways but should not complain when he suffers.

To find the Living Word therefore, man must signify his seriousness by coming clean. If he is sincere, he should sing HU, the Secret, Holy and Sacred name for God for about ten to twenty minutes before going to bed. God shall direct the individual to the Spiritual Coach, the Living Word and the individual’s journey home to God begins.

Let it also be known that mankind does not return enmass to God, but that each will be judged according to his thoughts, words and deeds and there is no hiding place for the perpetually evil man. For all men shall pay for all their deeds without exception and will not burn forever in hell but be made to reincarnate to reap whatever each had sown. This is the spiritual law. Those who have earned either the first, second or the third heavens shall be posted there, where they will likely mingle with loved ones who had translated before. It is the responsibility of the individual therefore to find the ways and means of meeting with the Spiritual Coach who will take him or her back home to God.

All men shall appear before the Court of Yama, Judge of the dead and shall be judged according to the laws of the Holy Spirit and not according to the laws of their religion. For despite the fact that man has attempted severally without success, to change the laws of God, he will discover that all our thoughts, words and actions are recorded within us and is easily scanned like a newspaper and the contents revealed to the individual. There is no argument. This is because every one of us carries this equipment called conscience and as such knows the recordings to be true. This is why there is no argument in this court as the judgment is accepted and the individual soul is escorted to where he has earned.

Any individual who tells you, you have to die before going to heaven does not know the way. This is the gimmick that is used to hold down Soul on many religious organizations. For if heaven is so sweet, why are men of God afraid to die? If heaven were so sweet how come people organize thanksgiving when they escape death by whiskers? If the so called ‘men of God’ are sure of heaven, why are they afraid of death?

The way to the heavens of God is located in-between the eyebrows on the forehead of man. No prosperity God can show you this narrow doorway. Only the Living Word. He will show you the heavens of God with your ‘korokoro’ eyes before you die.

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By Tuborki Dauyemie

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