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ISSUES ABATTOIR: APC Quests For Forceful Acquisition Of Power In Rivers: Invitation For Another Civil War

FELIX OBUAHWhat special interest does the opposition party have in the oil rich Rivers State is one of the questions on the lips of many not only in Nigeria but also those in the diaspora, but those causing troubles in Rivers do not give listen ears to it.

In the previous edition of Issues Abattoir the need to allow for peaceful co-existence in Nigeria and Rivers were exhaustively discussed premised on letting the triggers of the gun be.

It is factual that triggers cannot on its own be pulled without a finger pulling it. The trigger of the gun is most frequently used at war front hence those encouraging either the youths or those concerned were advised to see the need for peace.

In this edition, several questions arises as the quests for forceful acquisition for powers in Rivers has almost threatened the peace of the state, leaving investors, businessmen and other residents in fears of the unknown occasioned on the incessant vomiting of raw words by the political class.

While the media aids the continuous war in Rivers as they made their financial gains, the parties takes advantage of daily reportage in the media to foment more troubles rather that been ashamed of the denting images created by their actions and washed in the media.

However, without gainsaying the cause of tension in Rivers as identified by Issues Abattoir is the likely madness perpetrated by the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC, in Rivers as their quests is to forcefully acquire the political seat of Rivers.

In Nigeria political system since the return of democracy in 1999, it is viewed that some sections of the country holds swear of some political party without the heavens fallen to the earth.

During the two Party System, the Western Nigeria had hope and held the Social Democratic Party-SDP as their party. An avenue the business mogul, Chief M.K.O Abiola used to canvassed for power.

The Northerners, Southerners and parts of the Easterners clinched to the National Republican Convention, NRC, a party popularly considered as a national party, irrespective of its short life occasioned on military coup de-tat, there was relative peace in Nigeria.

As if that was not enough after the disbandment of two political party system leading to resumption of political activities, Nigerians regrouped to form yet another alliance where political associations were formed and later the registration of multiple political parties. In the wake of the many political parties, there were political parties such as the All Peoples Party, APP, National Advance Party, NAP and few other controlling in West. The All Nigerian People Party, ANPP, All Progressives Grand Alliance amongst others were controlled by the Easterners while core North and South-South being controlled by the National Acclaimed Party, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

With all due respect if any at all, ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo who ought to be respected as father of democracy but have sold his respect for cheap and inconsequential features hails from the West and was the first elected President in 1999 May 29th on the return to democratic rule.

The fact and truth here is that irrespective of Chief Obasanjo’s popularity and his party the PDP, he (Obasanjo) loss election not only in his ward but his unit because his part the PDP was not the dominant party in his Ogun State, yet he won in other areas, was declared elected and was finally sworn-in on May 29th, 1999-the Democracy Day.

Chief Obasanjo had it what it takes as Nigeria President to force lies people in the West to abandon their party(ies) for the then ruling PDP but he never did because the constitution is explicit on rights to association, worship and what have you.

When Chief Olusegun Obasanjo left the comfort of the Aso Rock Villa after Eight (8) years of two terms, Alhaji Musa Yar’Adua stepped in though his tenure was short lived because of death. Parts of the Northern region were in good touch with other political parties such as the CPC, Buhari’s strong hold, but no one was forced to kill his party.

The late Icon and President would have displayed tyranny and abused the sections of 1999 Nigeria Constitution as amended to ensure he took everything with forces available to him as at that time, but he did not.

The question is was ex-president Obasanjo and late Yar’Adua ignorant of the power available at their disposal? Or was it that they are afraid? Was it that they could not have achieve it?.

To Issues Abattoir, they loved Nigeria and Nigerians, they were not ignorant but understood the provisions of the constitution because they were lettered, they never allowed their appointees dictate to them amongst other answers.

While they were not crazy for powers, they endeavoured to provide governance. As the duo mentioned above left the scene former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Ph.D, however assumed office via the constitution and later by election.

Dr. Jonathan equally had the opportunity to strip power off some northern states but he respected the people, constitution and loved the nation. He was well read at least he understood the ABC of the nation and constitution otherwise, the 2015 general elections would have been an history in the negative perspective, though many thought it was power, intimidations and whatever, but he sued for peace and continuity of Nigeria.

Regrettably, unlike the Obasanjo, Yar’dua and Jonathan’s tenure in the Presidency, the incumbent Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressive Confidence is supposedly heading to anarchy and another civil war judging from his style of leadership and quest for power, especially attempt to cripple other political parties like the PDP mostly in the Niger Delta region without any thought of human rights.

It is appalling to notice that President Muhammadu Buhari has allowed his appointees to drag him into the mauky waters of dirty politics they are exhibiting in Rivers State.

How many people has the President Buhari dealt with in respect to the dreaded Boko-Haram, are the sponsored of the Boko Haram not alive? How many states in the North has President Buhari read his riot act to? How many former governors from the PDP led government of the past administrations or the APC governors has President Buhari or his EFCC hunters apprehended?

From every indications President Buhari has appointed ministers and other appointees from states not controlled by the APC including Rivers and why is Rivers so special that if not controlled by his party they would not rest?

Issues Abattoir appeal to President Buhari, his cronies like Rotimi Amaechi, Peterside, Ikanya and others to leave Rivers State alone for peace to exist.

Rivers State like the Western States of Lagos, Osun and others is a PDP state and must be so recognized and treated with caution other than plotting to use presidential powers against it.

President Buhari should acknowledge that Democracy is different from Military governance and must therefore be aware that Nigeria in the present circumstance is practicing democracy and not military or authoritarianism.

Issues Abattoir further advises President Buhari to be a father of all that he ought to be, mediate between two warring parties other than taking sides with his party the APC as well as hear from both parties than being lopsided.

Issues Abattoir posits that further attempts by the President Buhari’s administration, his foot soldiers like Rotimi Amaechi, Dakuku Peterside, Davies Ikanya amongst others to truncate democracy in Rivers might result to anarchy or call to mind another civil war, God forbid.

What has president Buahri done in the right between the Kaduna and Kano States governors and some of their Senators.

The President should as a matter of urgency save the balkanizing APC in the North rather than coming to take from the PDP in Rivers which he knows its impossible and must breed anarchy, hence stay away.

The APC and her President Buhari must for the interest of Nigeria and Nigerians on peaceful co-existence avoid at all cost any form of invitation to anarchy, avoid the antics of forceful acquisition of power in Rivers State, this would avert another civil war in Nigeria.


With James Mgboineme


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