Your Spiritual Purpose In Life

This life is a gift with all its problems and burden. But how many of us realize this gift from God? For when man has the opportunity to see Souls in the first heaven who are queuing to reincarnate to the physical plane then one would appreciate the gift of life that we have today for being alive and kicking! If only man could understand the meaning and purpose of his life on earth or on the physical plane, then he would show more love and gratitude to God Almighty.
What then is the purpose of life? What is your spiritual purpose in life as an individual? Is life all about tackling problems from birth to the grave? Why would man consider life or living as a form of suffering and punishment when he is told by all and sundry that God loves him? Why would some individuals continue to suffer on a daily basis while others amass so much wealth that they do not know what to do with it? Could God be partial in appropriating these gifts of life? Can life be defined on the basis of material goods? What is the purpose of man being created and being born into the physical world today?
Soul exists because God wills it. Man is alive today simply because God Almighty has given us an opportunity to exist in any of the universes of God. But man is specifically given an opportunity to come into the lower worlds so that he can mature spiritually and go back home to God after learning how to give and receive the love of God. Very simple but at the same time confounding. If this is our purpose in life how come most people do not realize this fact? Man is alive today so that he can have an opportunity to know who he is, know God Almighty and then return back home into the heavens of God to serve all life.
This is the spiritual purpose of Life!
Man has no other reason of being alive other than man to know who he is. If man knows who he is spiritually, all his problems in life would virtually disappear. So the solution to man’s problems can be traced to the first aspect of realizing who man his spiritually. The first major problem of man therefore is unconscious ignorance. Man does not know and yet he does not know that he does not know who he is. If man realizes that he does not know, the he would set about looking for how he can know what he does not know. But unfortunately, most of us do not realize that we do not know who we are. So man suffers due to unconscious ignorance.
` Man in physical flesh is made up of three distinct aspects if he has the spiritual eyes to see. First is the physical aspect which is known and referred to as the HU-man body. This is the normal body that we can observe with the physical eyes. This is the body of man or that of a woman that is born, grows up and after about seventy years, dies and is buried. Man is said to have died when his physical body dies. But if man consists of flesh and bones alone what propels man to move? What moves the physical body of man? This leads us to the second aspect of man. This second aspect is called the mind. This is the psychic aspect of man that is not visible to the ordinary man. Just as man can see the electric wire without seeing the electricity that runs through it, man can also observe the mind through his thoughts. But the mind only responds to thoughts from a higher perspective. This leads us to the third aspect of man known as Soul.
Soul is the divine spark of God that is within every living thing. For when it is said that man is created in the image and likeness of God, it is the divine aspect of man that is created in the image and likeness of God and not the physical body of man. In other words, God does not wear a HU-man body and cannot be referred to as man or woman. For God is Spirit. The voice of God is therefore referred to as the Holy Spirit. This Holy Spirit is that essence of God through which all life is created, manifested and sustained. Everything in life is created out of the Holy Spirit of God. Nothing can exist outside this Holy Spirit of God.
Man is therefore the Holy Spirit individualized but clothed in the uniform of the HU-man body.
In other words, man is not the physical body but the Holy Spirit individualized as Soul. But he does not know this. This is why man would go and pray for a thousand hours trying to change the will of God that he is a part of. If man realizes that he is a part of God, why would man pray to God? Pray for what? If man watches TV, he would discover this same unconscious ignorance in many of our so called ‘men of God’ who would shout to their audience every day ‘My Soul’, ‘My soul’, If man owns Soul then who is man?. Rather it should be ‘my body, my body’. This is because Soul wears the HU-man body. The body does not drive or wear Soul. So the error and this unconscious ignorance is the number one problem of man. This is why Socrates in his days in Athens was screaming many centuries ago ‘Man know thyself!’ But did man listen? The man of today is still towing this path of ignorance.
How then can man know the Spiritual aspect of himself known as Soul?
The only way man can know that he is more than flesh and blood is for man to experience himself outside his physical body through a special Spiritual Exercise. This Spiritual exercise is being practiced unknowingly every night when man goes to sleep at night or during the day. Thus it is written that man dies daily but he can hardly realize this fact. For every night when man goes to bed, he leaves his physical body and journeys home into the heavens of God. He calls this phenomenon dream. This is why everyone dreams irrespective of their religious background. All men dream but most of us are not thought how to read, interpret and understand our dreams. So we refer to these dreams as effects of malaria without realizing that we are given an opportunity to experience out of body experiences and enjoy the spiritual heavens of God through the dream state.
But this feat can be achieved by man consciously through what is known as the ‘Easy Way’. The easy way is a spiritual exercise that can help link man to the Holy Spirit of God directly without any intermediaries or any prophet of God. This exercise only helps man to realize the divine knowledge of God that is inherent in any living thing. This exercise only makes us know ourselves as Soul. For when we know who we are as Soul, we find it easier to know God our Creator.
How do we practice this Spiritual Exercise?
Simply find a quiet place in your house where you do not wish to be disturbed for about twenty minutes. One can sit on a chair in a tailor fashion or lie relaxed on a sofa or bed. One then closes the eyes to avoid any distraction with the attention placed on the screen in-between the two eyebrows at the center of the forehead. This is where the Spiritual Eye is located in everyman. It is the narrow door through which you can visit the heavens of God while still alive. Those who say you visit heaven only after death do not know the way as they only deceive the gullible children of God. This narrow doorway would remain closed to the materialistic man who worships prosperity Gods, so keep your thoughts clean of material things. Only think of love; the love you have for your wife, mother, husband, child or pet. You need love to open your consciousness to God, for God is love.
Next breathe in and out for about three times and on the outward breath, sing the Holy and Sacred name of God known as the HU. The HU is sung like this: Yooooouuuuuuuu!!!!. This should be repeated for about ten to twenty minutes just before going to bed and the individual would experience the divine love of God.
The HU is the Holy and Sacred name of God. This is the name that God Almighty gave to Itself. All other names we call God are the names we have given to God based on our own understanding of God. They are not the names of God Almighty. Do not be surprised that you have not been getting answers from God concerning your requests. It is because man has been calling God by the wrong names. How would God answer in the first place when man calls God by his own dialect? HU is that name that God gave to Itself, for Itself and for all of us to use when we need to experience the divine love of God on a daily basis. This is the reason why man does not need to pray. Those who pray to God do not know who they are. For if they realize that they are a spark of God they would not need to pray. Anybody who prays is simply directing those prayers to the Spiritual Aspect of themselves and as such are simply displaying the fact that they do not understand who they are and therefore they cannot understand God or life.
Man know theyself!

By Tuborki Dauyemie

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