From Pentagon City to You: The Journey Home

I arrived at the Hilton by midnight, checked into my room and sang the Holy and Secret name of God before my spiritual journeys into the heavens of God that night. I had to prepare myself to meet with the Living Godman later that day. It is a Spiritual privilege to be in His Presence. This singular action can bring numerous spiritual benefits to the individual.
This journey back home to God begins with:
‘Man know thyself!’
But how can know himself? How can man know what he does not know? In the first place, how can man know that he needs to know what he does not know? This is the very reason why man needs a spiritual guides. Spiritual Guides are special agents of God that have been placed in all universes of God including our dear Earth. Their purpose is to assist Souls in training to find their way back home to God. When we see Souls moving from one religion to another, it is simply for an opportunity to discover the way back home to where we all came from: the heavens of God. Some take solace that they will go to heaven when they die but the objective or goal is for us to visit the heavens of God while we are still alive. How can man enter heaven when he has not visited heaven when alive and expect to do so when dead? This is living a life of self -delusion.
Recently, I attended a burial, which was conducted with the usual fanfare of noise and prayer for so many hours. After all the noise making and ceremonies, the lady that was buried later that night, came into my inner vision on my journey into the heavens of God. Most Souls are caught in-between the physical worlds and the first heaven. Since most religions tell their followers not to worry that they will make heaven, most individuals commit different atrocities and towards their old age they ‘repent’ and think that someone else would pay for all the bad things they did. But this does not work out this way nor is there any physical or spiritual law that supports this. Man must pay for all his thoughts, words and actions by himself. When they arrive at the gates of the first heaven where they would be judged individually, they become confused.
This was the case of this woman who was an elder of the church. After all the ceremonies and noise making, she found herself in this area, the first Heaven without knowing what to do. Since she was close to a loved one she recognized me. She requested for help and I quickly told her what to say and do to get her out of where she found herself. Many Souls roam this environment in-between the physical worlds and the first heaven, for years without knowing where to go simply because their religion did not prepare them for what they face. Such is the spiritual life. You need a guide to understand and go through the inner worlds, the spiritual heavens of God.
So how can man know himself? Man must know himself before he can know God. For if man the microcosm does not know himself, how does he hope to know the macrocosm in which he exists and have his being? For man is the Holy Spirit individualized and when he connects with the Spiritual aspect of himself, then he can know that he is more than flesh and bones. For man is made up of the spiritual, the psychic and the physical. But the only one he is accustomed to is the physical, represented by the HU-man body. This HU-man body though, well appreciated, is a body of illusion. Within the HU-man body is Soul, which is the real individual. Any man who has not seen himself as Soul does not know who he is. A way to know those who do not know who they are is to listen to religious teachings on TV where many who are supposed to know continue to repeat loudly ‘my soul, my soul’ If man owns soul, then who is man? This is why people are confused about going to heaven while still alive. They wonder ‘how do I go to heaven with my HU-man body?’ But they fail to ask ‘How do I go to heaven when I am dead and buried?’ Most of us do not have answers to these questions from the different schools of thought. It is the Spiritual aspect of man known as Soul that journeys into Heaven when man has dropped the physical body in what is known as sleep or death. This is why it is written that man dies daily because every night when we go to sleep, it is an opportunity to visit the heavens of God if we have been trained by those who know. Those who do not have teachers go to bed at night without knowing what has happened. Sometimes they recollect meaningless dreams that they find difficult to interpret. Most times because of lack of explanation from ‘those men of God’ and their Holy Books, they try to forget vivid spiritual experiences they have during sleep. And after many years, they even argue that such heavens of God they have visited do not exist. Thus man continues to wallow in ignorance.
Ientered the seminar proper and felt a wave of love as soon as my Spiritual Guide came on stage. This is the Living Godman of the times. He is the Master Coach, the one God has appointed to lead those who are ready, to find their way back home to God. Hardly does he appear in public but he has the capacity to appear to millions of followers in the different universes of God including our dear Earth. The mystery of the Living Godman cannot be explained here but for those who wish to experience God and Heaven while still alive, they can sing HU, the Holy and Sacred name of God before going to bed and they can have a spiritual experience. It all depends on the individual.
At the end of the seminar, it was time to return home to Nigeria. I relocated to one of the suburbs in Minneapolis and rested for about two days to soak in the talk by the Spiritual Coach. It was all about Love. On the appointed date, I loaded my stuff and headed to the airport to begin my journey back home. My favorite driver arrived on schedule. There were no issues about fuel scarcity or hold-ups. The guy was there for 2pm, no excuses. We arrived at the airport on time and the flight departed for Nigeria via Paris. It was a total of 16-17 hour flight from MSP.
I settled in my seat and could feel the presence of my Guide beside me. The journey was smooth till we arrived at the Charles de Gaul International Airport in Paris. Seven hours later we were in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. No matter how, home is home.
To find our way back home to God, we need the HU, a Spiritual Guide and the determination to be adventurous.
Only the bold can find God.

By Tuborki Dauyemie

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