Mothers: How Is Your Influence On Your Child

Dear mother, how is your influence on your child? What are your values and preferences? Do you teach your child by precept and preference? How does one describe the power and strength of a mother’s influence on her child? How does you explain the life long impact such would have on the shaping of a child’s mind and character? The first and best way is to stress that the home, not the church, school or community is the school of training for every child. It is there, she receives training for moulding of the character.

Mothers are the most powerful influence for good on the earth today. Within your hands lies the very future of the world

In all the world there shall not be, a greater being than ‘Mother.’ For she alone holds her child’s heart within her hands, and makes it into what it will someday be. And so the whole world goes, moulded and shaped by Mothers in their hands, the tender lives of children formed in such a way, as to be magnificent and great. For the Mother’s rich abode, lies within her arms and every child safe there.

For the words of mothers gently shared, caressed upon the mind, find their way into the whole wide world as the children find their way and thus become, all that they were meant to be, because she cared, because she took the time to share her wisdom and her grace, passed on through generations for all time, to benefit thereby and thus lift up the mother’s overflowing heart, to serve the future by her love.

Mother stands as a role model for her child she has a stable and steady influence on her child because there is an unchallengeable cord binding them together and also she spends most of her time with the child than the father and any other person around.

A mother has such a strength and power to keep in the right path or lead astray. She is the home maker, the life moulder and indeed the nation builder. A story was told of a murderer, who was to suffer the penalty of his crime, speaking of his reckless career, he said “How could it be otherwise, when I have such a bad training? I was taught these things from my youth. When I was four year old, my mother poured whisky down my throat to see how I would act”. On the morning of the execution, the wretched mother bade goodbye to the son whom her influence had help to ruin his life. In the same vein, another man while a youth, often blamed his mother for taking him to church on Sunday. On one occasion, the preacher had sent someone into the balcony to wake him up, he had no interest in the sermon. In the real sense, he thought it was hard and disturbing to have work all through the week and on Sunday be forced to church. He consoled himself that he wouldn’t go to church anymore when he get away from home. To his surprise however, he discovered that he had so formed the habit of going to church that he couldn’t stay away. And there he finally found Christ get saved and become the heir of God.

So many mothers are these, but I prefer the influence of the second mother in the illustration.

Let’s take a look at Hannah’s step in raising a godly child that became one of Israelite great prophets, so much as that no pressure in Eli’s house (his children) was able to influence him negatively.

There is an adage saying “Like mother, like daughter”. As a mother, you have a positive impact on society by raising godly children who know and will take their stand in good issues like the three Hebrews. Our children are the letters you are writing to the society which in no time will bring positive or negative change to the society pending on your influence to them.

Mothers need to cultivate healthy and functional homes for children. What happen in an individual’s homes can affect society both positively and negatively. As William Shakespeare rightly says, “what-e-er thou art, act well thy part”. In other words, “Whatever your circumstances maybe, do the best you can as a mother to influence your child positively.

Children look up to their mothers and often imitate their behaviour. It is of paramount importance for mothers to set a positive example for their children. Children often repeat whatever behaviour they observe, regardless of what they are told.

Mothers have a powerful influence on children and therefore must use that influence to the glory of God.

If homes around the world are failing, the result is a failing society. We need to raise children who are strong enough to withstand the inevitable temptations and trials they will face. It is an individual as well as a collective effort. Mothers influence positive. ###

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