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By Barivule Akpo

The Arewa community in Rivers State for some times now is been faced with some unfounded issues especially, in the area of Leadership and in particular and spokesmanship of the body to mention but the must current glamoured concern.

In the light of the development, Executive secretary of the body, Hon. Alahaji Abubakar Sadiq waln decided to put to rest the much glamoured matter in a very crystal manner, as he said it is straight and not an issue that cannot be address formally.

According to National Netwwork Publications couple of weeks ago, Arewa community, P.D.P chapter in a statement indicated person or persons who are at its leadership level in the state. This include the undisputed Executive secretary General, Hon. Alhaji Abubakar Sadiq walu and Alhaji Jirijiri B. Mato as the authentic Leader.

Hon. Walu in a statement expressed shock and disappointment in the likes of Musa said who is unknown to the Arewa community, saying he must be an imposer with some sinister motive hence nobody should take him and his statement seriously.

He  pointed out further that the Arewa community, P.D.P chapter is a soci political pressure group. Comprising all Northern Christians and Muslims etraction resident in Rivers State hence person or group of persons who have not attended meeting or meetings of such body will just seat in his comfort parlour or room and declare him or herself one thing or the other in such an organization without pointing at sinister motives.

Hon. Alhaji Abubakar Sadiq Walu also expressed surprise at the mention of Arewa consultative forum by the faceless Musa Sadiq, saying Arewa consultative forum is a non-political organization with its headquarters in Kaduna and have nothing to do with the operation of political oriented Arewa community, P.D.P chapter here in Rivers State. We as the Arewa community in Rivers State has therefore affirmed uncompromising that Alhaji Abdul-Rasaq  Diepriye, sole administrator of Rivers State pilgrims Board is a dependable ally, a man of unquestionable integrity, trusted and has never nominated neither imposed anybody or leader on the Arewa community in the state.

The body in the Sam strive, reaffirmed their unalloyed support and confidence in the leadership of Alhaji Jirijiri B. Mato as it authentic leader, the Arewa community, Rivers State chapter appealed to the Rivers people and resident as well as the general public referring to musa saidu who is unknown to them as their spokesman rather he remain an imposter.

“ Musa saidu’s statement is frivolous and his identity questionable. Arewa community, PDP chapter in Rivers State is an umbrella body of all Christians and muslims from Northern Nigeria resident in Rivers State and by extention, the south/south geo-political Zone.

We are a group of concerned citizen peopled by persons of high integrity and aligned with the PDP in its bid to engender justice, order and fairness to all Nigerians irrespective of tribe, religion, creed or political affiliation, Hon. Alh. Abubakar Sadiq Walu explained in a statement for the Arewa community in Rivers State, PDP chapter.

On their notion of the federal Adminstration in the state since inception, Alh. Sadiq Walu described Sir Siminalaye Fubara as a gift to Rivers people and residents alike.

According to the chief scribe of the Arewa community, Rivers State PDP chapter, Sir Siminalaye Fubara typifies the belief that when the righteous is on the throne, the people rejoice.

This is evidenced in the positive and impactful turn around His Excellency has made not only in the physical infrastructure of the state but also in the welfare of the civil servants as never before experienced in the state. No wonder Gov Fubara has become a household name in the state.

We cannot but reciprocate all his love, gifts and all manner of support by praying for his success and conducting ourselves in a way to help enhance the prevailing peace he (Fubara) represents in the state, Alh. Abubakar sadiq Walu assured.

Also of particular mention of Gov Fuabara’s  kind gesture to the Arewa community in Rivers State include the slots allocated to them for this year’s Hajj (pilgrimage) among many other favours.

Gov Fubara is indeed, a very good man, Alh. Abubakar Sadiq Walu further stated.***


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