Life, Death and Life Again!


The recent Dana Air Crash has once again brought to the fore the issue of life and death. Nobody enjoys seeing their loved ones die in such a gruesome manner but there is need for us to pay attention to this subject matter that has plagued man since the beginning of time.

Life does not begin with birth and does not end with death.

This is a statement of truth that can put to rest the riddle of life and death and enable man achieve spiritual freedom in this lifetime or next.

Man is a spiritual creature in his entirety but without his knowledge. But because man is clothed with the HU-man body, he has forgotten his divine nature. For within the core of man is the divine spark of God known as Soul. This is that part of man that is said to be created in God’s image. It is a mis -understanding of this concept that has given God that masculine features of today. But God is neither male nor female. God is Spirit and is manifested through his voice known as Light and Sound but commonly referred to as the Holy Spirit.

Man is therefore Soul in Human body. Soul exists because God loves It.

What then is the mission of Soul in Human uniform? What is the goal of sending Soul, a spark of God into the lower worlds in Human flesh? Why would man be clothed in this uniform that seems to cause so much pain through death? What is the general purpose of all this arrangement?

Soul was created in the Ocean of Love and Mercy, the heavenly abode of God Almighty. Nothing in any material form can approach this Deity commonly called God, a name coined by the English man without any spiritual basis. For convenience we shall continue to use the word God. But the name given by God for Itself that carry all the necessary spiritual vibration and all the love and power of God is known as HU, the Holy and sacred name of God.

For anyone who has tried to contact God without success, that individual should sing the word HU. This is the original name of God.

When Soul was created in the pure heavens, it lacked judgment and maturity and needed to be trained. One of the training centers for this elaborate program is the earth. Suffice to mention that other training centers exist in the lower universes of God but let us concentrate on earth here.

However, the objective of this training is to learn how to give and receive the love of God, then eventually become a Co-worker in the Universes of God.

Just as children go to school from nursery, primary, secondary and university and eventually graduate to become workers in the industry so also do Soul attend schools in the lower heavens of God. These schools are located in the Etheric, Mental, Causal, Astral and the Physical planes. In common language, these are the Fourth, Third, Second, and First Heavens and our own earth plane.

Just as a child is sent to school in different school uniforms which differs from school to school so also the different bodies utilized by Soul correspond to the different learning environment or the different heavens of God with their different school rules and regulations.

When the school uniform of a child gets dirty it is washed and made clean. But after several washings and the uniform gets old, it is discarded and a new uniform is procured and the child returns to school.

So also it is with Soul.

When the school uniform of Soul (the HU-man body) is dirty (harmed) it is washed and treated and after doing this for several years, it is discarded by Soul through death and a new body (depending on the level of heaven it is promoted to!) is procured by Soul and a new agreement on the next level of achievement is done and Soul is born into any of the Human bodies or any other and Soul continues its spiritual education.

But when Soul is not aware of whom he is, he becomes so afraid of death that we cry when we lose our loved ones.

But when we decide to know who we are as Soul, we agree to ‘die daily!’ and thereby overcome death.

After its physical education, a child becomes an adult, graduates from university and goes out into the world to serve life. So also a spiritual student. Soul obtains his education from the University of Life and graduates from the School of Life to become a Co-worker with God and assist in running the numerous universes of God.

But while studying in this spiritual training center, there is a teacher appointed by God who provides Soul with his school uniform and handles everything from Destiny to all other affairs concerning the Human being and nature. He is the god of all souls who have forgotten who they are and think they are only flesh and blood. He is also known as the Lord God but sometimes because he gets angry (as described in some Holy Books) he is also called Satan because he is the one that tempts and temper Soul in form known as man to determine if they are pure enough to enter into the pure worlds of God which is above the fourth heaven. He is also known as Devil to those whom he deceives and they say ‘na devil make me do am’

However when Soul is in the HU-man body in the lower worlds Training School, the subject matter in this school is Divine Love. This divine love is learnt in our interaction with both the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ people we meet while studying within this school. Through the process of Karma and Reincarnation, man reaps whatever he sows in thoughts, words and deeds. All thoughts, words and deeds are regulated by this immutable law of Karma. For Soul to reap what it has sown, he reincarnates in another body to reap the results of his thoughts, words and actions, though in another bodily form with the memories wiped from his small brain.

Thus man walks on earth without knowing the reason why. He spends most of his time in seeking comfort without trying to find out the owner or provider of comfort. Man also thinks he can circumvent the spiritual laws of God after committing heinous crimes against Hu-manity by beseeching God in prayers. But unfortunately, the Lords of Karma do not accept pleas or ‘bribes’ as is done in some Law Courts. So man, Soul in Form will have to pay for all his thoughts, words and actions whether he prays from now to the end of his life on earth.

Man is credited with his loving actions and debited with his unkind deeds until he learns how to act fully with love, then and only then will he be freed of his karma and he would have the opportunity of meeting the Wayshower whom God has appointed to return Souls that are ready back home to God Almighty.

Thus soul-in-form, man continues to journey back and forth through many lifetimes until the pains and sorrows of life will make man to ask pertinent questions like:

What is my purpose in life?

Is life about being born, growing up, raising a family, acquiring wealth and waiting for old age to die?

What about children born and within twenty-four hours die, what would be the purpose of life?

Were all the passengers on the Dana Air Crash evil people that they have to die this way?

Could God be partial?

Can prayer change the mind of God?

Did God refuse to listen to the pleas of those involved in the crash?

Souls do not Rest in Peace, they continue their lessons within the heavens of God. For those of us who are still alive lets us within ourselves find out the meaning of life so that we do not become victims of spiritual circumstances.

By Tuborki Dauyemie