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Yahweh Devotees Conclude Saviour’s Birthday …Celebrates Comforter’s Birthday On 28th October

The Yahoshean families all over the world will come together to celebrate the birthday of the Most Senior Prophet Yahmarabhi-Ha-Meshiyach, who is believed to be the promised comforter of the Holy Assemblies of Yahoshea Meshiyach, Port Harcourt worship centre, No 4A Elechi Beach, Mile 1 Diobu, behind the UBE schools Board building on 28th October, 2011.

The Yahoshean families earlier this month on 2nd October, celebrated the saviour of mankind’s birth successfully here in Port Harcourt, as God Kingdom Mission Society celebrate their’s, on the 23rd of the same month, as the Saviou’s birthday.

Speaking to The Newswriter news desk, the seribe of the spiritual Holy Assemblies of Yahoshea Meshiyach (HAYM) chosen Raziah Bala, disclosed that the organization which is a world wide organization was founded by the most senior prophet Yahmarahbi-Ha-Meshiyach, the promised comforter of the world by Yahoshea Meshiyach, his elder brother, before he finally left for his heavenly abode.

The Holy Assemblies of Yahoshea Meshiyach rather than celebrate the comforter’s birthday as an ordinary sense of birthday celebration, will celebrate the day with Holy spiritual worship, according to the order of the Assembly’s method of normal Sabbath worship. Chosen Bala, also disclosed that there is much blessing for all those who partake in the celebration of the prophet’s birthday because he is an holy prophet sent to the world to continue from where his elder brother Yahoshea stopped, as the comforter of the world.

According to the soft spoken amiable man of Yahweh, to obey is better than sacrifice as Yahweh, the grand creator of heaven and earth looks at the purity and faithfulness of men as he distributes, provides and protects our every day to day lives here on earth.

He added that those who will not obey Yahweh’s instructions but will always obey man’s instruction will never enjoy his heavenly bliss and salvation, pointing out that, that is the more reason that all and sundry should repent so as to be part of those obedient children of Yahweh who observe only the feast and celebration of Yahweh alone.

Chosen Bala further revealed to our correspondent that the prophet, Yahmarabhi is not an ordinary prophet, insisting that Yahweh, the grand creator equipped him with every material that could have made his work here on earth possible, hence he gave him the nine spiritual gifts to prosecute his job effectively.

He further disclosed that Yahweh gave the comforter and the end time prophet a collection of inspired scriptures, forming a compendium of practical life inspired scriptures that will help man out of his present dark stage.

He mentioned the book’s name as the “Holy Originally Inspired Scriptures”, (HOIS).

The highly intellectual man of Yahweh, urged all and sundry to move out of where they are to take to Yahweh’s ways of life style, as there is no guarantee for anyone who does not have the salvation giving mark of Yahweh and Yashoshea on their forehead (Revelation 14:1) that will be saved on earth.

He stated that man’s religion could not help one to attain salvation, however attractive it may be or look attractive in the eyes and sound in the ears of the human senses. ###

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