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Should Siasia Be Sacked Or Not: Responses

As rage for Samson Siasia’s sack or retention gathers momentum across the Nigerian states, football followers and the general public bared their mind to our sports desk.

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“No. he is not the root of the problem, lots of things went wrong. When you are building a team, you must have a foundation. Sacking Siasia is not the solution to the problem of the national team. I think he should be given another chance to consolidate on his plans of building a solid Super Eagles forNigeria”  Ex-Eagles striker-Richard Owobokiri, also Fifa Agent now.

“In my own view, Siasia should be given another chance to try. He has performed before. Complete sack might not be too good. Siasia picked this job as a challenge to try, based on the trust Nigerians have in him. He should be given another chance, considering his records with the national teams in the past.”  Chief Kelvin Ugo Oha of Total Plc Obagi, a field worker.

“We know that Samson Siasia has failed us, because he could not take us to the Nations cup, which is what Nigerians expect of him, but we should not forget that in the past, the matches he played with his boys, he did very well. So, I will personally say that Siasia should be given another chance instead of out right sack. This is my view”  – Fredrick Inyanga  Ohia, Supervisor, Umejuru services and supply co. ltd

“No, Siasia should be retained. Because, if you watch that match, the likes of Mikel and Osaze, they are not comfortable with Siasia system. So they just want him to go, because they are not comfortable with his disciplinary style. The players worked against the coach. They did not play what Siasia instructed them in the field of play so as to fail the coach”  Prince Uche A. Umejuru  MD/CEO Adamaku Security Company Limited (ASCOM)

“If we remove Samson Siasia as our national coach, Super Eagles will be set back five years. It took us a year to get a good coach. The crucial issue of the match that we played againstGuinealast week was actually a problem of communication. The Super Eagles did not know that a 2-1 victory was not enough to get them to qualify for the nations cup. Nigerians should allow Siasia to stay because we need him for the next qualifier of African cup of Nations and other friendlies. He should be allowed to stay”.  Benedict Johnson (Actor)

“No, Siasia should not be sacked because he is a good coach despite his failure to qualify Nigerian in the Nations cup. Though he is proud but we can pardon him for his past record sake. Now he might have learnt his lesson”.  Comfort Daye P. (Student).

“It is actually very painful that we underestimatedGuineaand we got a painful result from the match we played with them, looking at that match, you can see the players on the field wasted a lot of opportunities, so, I do not see any reason the failure and the blames should be apportioned to Samson Siasia, the chief coach. Nigerians should let him be. Have we forgotten so soon his antecedents that made us all pass a vote for him to be appointed as the chief coach? However, I will also advise him to up his game and brace up to the challenges that he’s going to face coming from other subsequent matches in future.”

– Mackenzie (Actor)

“Though, Siasia is my brother, he is too arrogant. That notwithstanding they should not sack him, he might have learnt his lesson. He is still the best coachNigeriacan boast of .”

“The problem of Nigerian football is spiritual, and that is why allNigeriaplayers and football administrator should give their lives to Jesus Christ.”

Chief (Dr.) Godpower Okokoriko  (Sports administrator) promoter, cum marketer. ####


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