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Skating And Formula One, Not Sports For Nigeria

Definitely there are sports that Nigeria as a nation does not need to venture in or partake in. This is because of the country’s geographic terrain and the non availability of the sporting facilities around the country.
One of these sports is skating. Skating as we all know for now does not have provision in this day Nigeria, we all know. There is no venue for the sport. Whatever. Besides, it is not a participating sports in the country, where those venturing in it will express their prowess in the sport. That makes the sport not relevant to Nigerian youths and sportsmen and women.
One other funny thing about the sport is that it is risky, and there is no provision for it in any part of Nigeria for now. It is not even an Olympic scoring sport. The sport is mainly an exercise expressing sport for the Americans.
Those engaging in it do so for the purpose of exercise, no more no less. Hence youths should be cautioned to save their lives.
Where the sport is being tried out in Nigerian main motorable roads, it makes it deadly against the lives of those who are engaging in it. For goodness sake how will one venture into something that does not have a platform where the ability of one will be appreciated except for the purpose of exercise? Even that, the health implication should be considered.
In all honesty, the National Assemblies should pass a bill as to stop this ugly trend among the youths of the country.
Formula one, there is no means to even try the sport, no thanks to the Nigerian jam-packed roads. The earlier the National Assemblies put a stop to these deadly sports among the youths of the country the better for the country. For now, it is catching up with almost every youth in the country.
Let us save the lives of tomorrow’s leaders. ###

Allanso Jonathan Allanso

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