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You And Your Dreams 3 …. Steps To Understanding Your Dream

Every dream man dreams is a reality. When man goes to bed at night and his body is at rest, Soul, the actual man, journeys into the heavens of God where those other spiritual agents of God live a normal life. In this heaven, man would be surprised to see some of his late relatives who had died some time ago still thriving and conforming to the rules and regulations guiding spiritual life in such heavens.
But because the man of today is not tutored on how to record, analyze and interpret his dreams, he has abandoned a very critical tool in his communication with God. Thus the man of today is like a blind man being led by another blind man. For how can man of today claim the ‘title man of God’ and continues to ‘bombard’ God with numerous requests exposing his ignorance about the spiritual laws of God one of which stipulates that creation and all things therein had been concluded by God. Why then should man continue in his ignorance to pray to God to change the course of the things God has ordained in Its infinite love and mercy. But because man as a spiritual being is not aware of his spiritual nature, he continues to ‘pray’ to himself without knowing.
Thus man continues to live life after life until the scales of ignorance is lifted before he can see himself in his spiritual glory.
Dream is one of the elementary ways of communicating with God. But the beautiful aspect of dream is that it cuts across religions, tribal affiliations or race. This is because every Soul in form dreams. We all dream. The only difference is the importance we attach to our dreams. Some dream and refer to them as malaria dreams. Some dream dreams but even pray, ‘cast’ and ‘bind’ the dreams which are actually spiritual information from God!
So what are the steps man can undertake to understand his dreams?
The very first step is for man, a child of God to accept the fact that God communicates to man directly without any intermediary and it is possible for man to make this contact and receive information on a daily basis through dreams, one of the ways established by God for man to communicate with the eternal. This communication does not depend on anything other than the fact that God created man for his spiritual upliftment.
The second step is for man to start recording his dreams from today. When man cultivates this habit of recording dreams he is otherwise showing appreciation to God for providing him privileged information. This appreciation of God’s love will enable Soul to benefit more in basking in the love of the Almighty. A secret path of information channel is now open between the individual and God. It is also pertinent to note that this attitude of recording dreams also improves the ability of the individual to observe the trend of his dreams. He would discover that within a short period he would develop the ability of being able to time and predict the activities of his dream worlds in the physical environment.
For instance, before anything can manifest in the physical world, the seed of that activity is already sown in the spiritual world and it is within a matter of time that such an activity would manifest on the physical plane. If a man desires to buy a chair for instance, the idea first appears as a thought which without man’s knowledge is from the third plane corresponding to the third heaven. He later carries the image on his mind through imagination and feeling and later should not be surprised if he finds the chair in a store where he purchases the chair.
This implies that whatever a man is capable of thinking of already exists in the worlds of God! Man would only need to manifest it into existence.
The third step is for man to consciously contact God before going to bed by singing the HU the holy and sacred name of God. This is done as the last thing before going to bed so as to secure the attention of God. If man has been having disjointed dreams when sleeping, the HU will help the serious individual in clearing the dreams to focus so that the image can appear with much clarity
The HU is the passkey into the heavens of God.
This is the passkey that all the different representatives of God in the spiritual hierarchy will respond to when Soul is journeying into the heavens of God. This journeying into the heavens of God is what the common man calls dream when actually he is enjoying the company of spiritual beings in either the first, second, third, fourth or fifth heaven of God. But when man wakes up from his spiritual slumber, he claims that ‘I had a dream but I just can’t understand! But it seems so real’
How can man understand his dreams when he has not been trained by those who know. This is why God has placed in the midst of men, his creatures, a Spiritual Coach whose responsibility it is to train individuals who refuse to follow the ‘herd instinct’, ie those who have refused to ‘follow follow’
The fourth step for man to undertake is for man to learn how to keep his discussions with God to himself because man cannot afford to break the law of silence. As soon as man secures this ability to communicate with God through dreams, the temptation to boast about his achievement will be his bane and this could lead to information ‘dry-up’ as some fellows must have experienced. Privileged information from God is not to be shared with the spiritually untrained because it will never be valued.
When the individual keeps the habit of recording his dreams he would discover the secret of prediction within a period of time. He would discover that this ability will be at the elementary stage until he is able to receive substantial training from the Dream Coach if he so desires.
The dream Coach can be contacted by the individual in the dream state when the individual is ready. It does not require a physical contact because the Dream Coach is a Spiritual Being and only responds to those who desire God enough. As soon as man starts singing the HU, the response from God is swift and if the individual is observant, he would discover that his dreams are clearer than before but the individual would need training to decipher his dreams. This training, if the individual loves God enough, will be given by the Dream Coach, who has been appointed by God to train Souls who are ready to learn the art of communicating with God directly while others who choose otherwise.
Those who choose otherwise are denying themselves their spiritual heritage.

By Tuborki Dauyemie

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