Barack Obama: We Will Get There

Barack Obama is the President of United States of America. And United States is made up of fifty (50) States and the capital is Washington D.C (District of Columbia). The emergence of Barak Obama as President of the United States was a prophecy come through. About five decades ago, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was agitated by the state of inequa1ity of Negroes America. Based on that he embarked on aggressive campaign against the discrimination, segregation and inhuman treatment of blacks by the white Americans. Indeed, his campaign mainly supported by blacks gathered momentum in the US. Few American Presidents like John F. Kennedy made positive impact by supporting campaign. Though, most whites did not see anything wrong in maltreating the blacks. Like the revered Harvard University blacks were restricted from gaining admission in those days in America.
The prophetic move by Martin Luther King Jr. did not die. Though, he was assassinated by the age of forty. No wonder, he declared in one of his speeches, “I have a dream that one day freedom will be for all”. Blacks were not allowed to contest Local Council elections m those days talk less of eyeing the coveted President. Everything was going contrary to divine destinies of blacks in America. But the single godly agitation of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., supported by another young black American, Rev. Jessy Jackson to day has caused blacks to have a sense of belonging in the US. Though, Rev. Jessy Jackson had contested in elections severally to become President of America. But that did not yield any positive result, as he was not even given ticket as flag bearer of Republican Party. That took place before the emergence of Barack Obama, the lanky black man with white ascent in spoken English.
In .2008, Barack Obama who was a senator summed up courage and purchased form for President under Democratic Party popularly known as Democrat. Most of the political analyst wrote him off, considering his antecedent. Again, considering the influential interest of white in American elections, Barack Obama was also seen as an under dog coming to show off. In the Democratic Party he did not find it easy; but he remained resolute looking unto God. Senator Hilary Clinton gave Obama a tough fight. But there is no competition in destiny. Barack Obama positioned all his political arsenals in the Party ready for onslaught. After all the internal compromise based on party’s ideologies for the future of the United States, Barack Obama emerged the flag bearer of the Democrats. And there was great silence in the world watching what would become of him during the election proper.
In the light of the Presidential election, the Republican party also presented their flag bearer in the person of John Macam. And the world was also watching who would be the President of the United States of America after the election. Electioneering activities were declared open. It became a thing of choice and not a thing of race. Obama constituted his political campaign team made up of people across all races. The contest was thrown open for public opinions. The young black man, whose profile was impressing remained focused. He became the motivator of American politics. He is a man who is careful of choice of words during public speeches. He was articulate in campaign ground. That alone caused the world to declare, him wanted for the seat of President.
When he saw the future very bright for him to occupy white House as the next president of America, he declared “We will get there; yes we can”. Today, he is about to conclude his first term in office. He won the Presidential election in 2008, and was declared the President elect of the United State and later sworn in as President of America. He did well; especially the killing of Osama Bin- Laden, and the total withdrawal of US troops in Iraq. Joe Biden, his Vice President, is also a nice gentle man who is keeping hope alive with him. “We will get there” has become a popular quote in the world today as a result of Obama’s vision. Nigeria will get there, I say. Obama has got there. He wants to get there the second time. This is an elections year in the US. By October 2012, the world shall witness the emergence of new American President. Barack Obama is not resting on his hoarse.
This is the time to examine his successes as the President. Opinionists and analysts are spreading their tentacles to get a glimpse of administration within and without. In order to get there, there is need to promote world peace. The whole world is watching electioneering activities in the two major Political Parties, Republican and the Democrats that field candidates for Presidential elections.
Yes, we can as Nigerians get our economic independence. What seemed to be a child’s play in America, when Barack Obama, exclaimed “we will get there”, today is a food for thought for humanity. Yes, we can come out of corruption, under development, tribalism, ethnicity, discrimination and nepotism. Yes, we can get there. The jinx of blacks of not becoming President in America has been broken by Obama. And who will be the next to emerge as the second black President of America? President Barack Obama has opened the way for teeming black population to aspire for greater heights. For instance, the first black to hold the highest political office is General Colhn. Powell, the then US Secretary of States, followed by Condeleza Rice. There after, Obama, became the first black President of the US. What lesson do we learn from the statement of Obama? As Nigerians, we must learn to be optimistic despite the bleak future. Yes, the jinx of corruption and under development will be broken one day. We will get there. ###

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