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Redefining Education And Rebranding Nigeria Universities

Education is a way of learning basic skills. Through reading and research one can acquire knowledge, even if the opportunity to go to school is not there. So many people in the society fail to realize that one could be educated without a degree from an institution. You may feel that anyone who does not have a certificate isn’t worth the recognition.
Students who find it difficult to get admission can get educated. Students in this category can tow the path of a drop-out like Bill Gates, a software entrepreneur and one of the richest men in the world today. The story of Bill Gates has shown that one can be educated and make it in life without going to school by simply reading and researching. Somebody who wants to emulate Bill Gates must have zeal for knowledge and the capability to initiate new ideas to human problems.
Because of the rage for certificates in Nigeria, people seem to go to school without knowledge in their brains. The reading and research cultures among Nigerian undergraduates is not encouraging.
The typical college graduate needs professional skills that will enhance his performance of work. Those who are fortunate enough to go to school should complement education by creating time to seek knowledge.
Nigerian youths have got to step up and open their minds to new ideas. Exposure is a vital tool needed to complement their certificates. Education should be a life time experience as no one is too young or too old to be educated.
Nothing may work if personal motivation is not considered. Students have got to encourage and motivate themselves. They should go out do some research, ask questions, be inquisitive, read good books, journals, articles, make enquires and get exposed. They should not wait for anybody’s green light but put will-power to action because the secret is vision, research and processing, not pre-stored knowledge.
Education has got to be redefined with a good reading and research culture.
Very recently, the one-time Information and Communication Minister, Prof. Dora Akinyili, who was among the guest lecturers at the 30th convocation of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) expressed dismay at the poor conditions of students’ hostels, toilets, classrooms, laboratories in Nigerian Universities, but while pointing out the problems there was the hope that she would also mention the chief among them which is high tuition fees in Nigerian Universities, particularly the university of Nigeria, but she omitted this.
Increase in tuition fees will always work against the interest of indigent students.
For instance, the newly admitted students of UNN are complaining over the increase in acceptance fees. The school and accommodation fees have also been increased.
This has led to unrest in the campuses; as a result the students desired to call for a change. Recently, Ambrose University Ekpoma, Edo State, sent its students home, following destructive of properties worth millions of naira over increases in tuition fees. The same thing happened at UNN where five students were expelled after a dual with the school authority.
This state of students’ unrest is prevalent in all institutions especially in eastern part of the country.
In rebranding Nigeria Universities, therefore, our leaders of today should not have a lukewarm attitude towards the incessant increases in tuition fees.
The question is why are our leaders removing the ladder they used to climb to the top?
The present administration under the leadership of President Jonathan Goodluck should address high tuition fees in our universities for rebranding to have its full meaning. ###

Senibo Dr. A.A. Cookey

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