Who Leads The Negroe’s Renaissance?

This high and new man can only be groomed by a perfect spiritual master because in the absence of a master, there is no knowledge. Then as the entire mankind awaits their final reformer, we Yahosheans or disciples of Most Senior Prophet Yahmarabhi are of the belief that Yahoshea Meshiyach who men changed his name to Jesus Christ has predicted that the glory of zion will be sent to a far nation and that the temple of Yerusalem is to be destroyed and again that he will sent another comforter (the spirit of truth) to the entire human race, and all these revelations have manifested by the coming or birth of Prophet Yahmarabhi who is the appointed comforter of mankind from the black race which means that the spiritual staff of the universe has been handed to a Blackman.
This is the same pattern of thought by Leader Olumba Olumba Obu and his disciples, likewise, Sat Guru Maharaji and his fellowers thinks in that manner. The human siege grows daily because of ignorance and its best cure is wisdom from Yahweh. Many great spiritual scientists across the globe have come up with support that something mysterious is going on in the black world.
One Egyptian born Professor for Arabic or Islamic Studies in Saudi Arabia Shiekh Hassan Mandour came for spiritual expedition in Nigeria where he visited Leader Olumba Olumba Obu and Most Senior Prophet Yahmarabhi Meshiyach, according to the Shiekh, a certain spiritual teacher of black extraction, appears frequently in his visions directing him that the spiritual staff has been handed unto Blackman and the holder of the staff is developing a new holy scripture. As he came for the expedition and saw the New Holy Book by Prophet Yahmarabhi, he quickly concluded that Prophet Yahmarabhi is the divine intelligent manifest that the entire word is searching in form of religions.
Again, a very high Tibetan Monk slept and woke with a revelation that within the spiritual circle of the blacks, he saw two birds, one being eagle and the other being vulture. This he translated to mean two great teachers amongst the blacks, one being highly truthful and recommendable like a precious eagle while the other is a deceiver like a worthless vulture. There is again another religions group known as New Agers in Europe who after a tedious spiritual penance came out with a revelation that “Hopis, their lost white brother, now dwells amongst the blacks”. This consciousness has helped to shape their approach towards the blacks especially their spiritual teachers.
Even some social and psychological groups has come up with the conclusions that Nigerians are the happiest people in the whole world. According to them, Nigerians possess a high-capacitated shock absorbers to contain any form of misadventures.
Therefore if Negros should change the world, they should change their thoughts because thoughts shapes ideas, ideas brings forth character, and character give birth to habit while habit transcends to destiny. Prophet Yahmarabhi writing under the headline “The Songs of Prophet Yahramabhi” says it thus way “Life is growth, the object of right thinking is to promote that growth, teach me to create my own thought than to believing the opinions of others, life can only be lived the way it is thought” life is exactly the way it is thought out, so the present thought pattern of the Negros is unfavourable and needs urgent change by putting different interpretation to our beings or personality. The psyche or pose of black man identifies him as a worthy vessel for spiritual use. The spirit consciousness of the backs is noticed by incessant religious wars or riots in Negro land while it is noticeable that the whites concentrates on material sciences and discoveries which manifests on their daily quest or competition over science outputs. Every nation there wants to know who produces atomic bombs, aeroplanes, computers and all material gadgets more than others. As a people of more spiritual consciousness, is it proper for them to follow those with more material consciousness in religious or spiritual affairs? If such is done, we will end up being deluded because we will discover ourselves following their economic, science or political concoctions masqueraded in form of religions. It can be compared to a rich oil nation like Nigeria abandoning their rich oil deposit because of ignorance and to go to nations without any oil deposit for oil matters.
Although, the three blacks that claim supernatural connections differ in some matters but they agree wholesomely on man discovering his Yahweh within. And a Wiseman Joseph Jaoubert says it this way “As no two Zebra has the same marking, so shall no two people have the same physiological markings, fingerprints, palm lines, brain graphs, voice or speech pattern” truly there must be difference and that makes one identical from others.
But the Americo/Britainica groomed pastors and bishops teaches and demonstrates the material or worldly glory, theirs is the issue of worldly prosperity, a pastor was heard preaching “God will turn your stones into bread,” “He will turn your impossible ways into possibilities,” all these terms are aimed to raise their fellowers consciousness into worldly things. The flamboyant lifestyle of these pastors themselves prove them even before blind people that they are worldly workers but not spiritual as they claim. And if the saviour Yahoshea Meshiyach is to come now, he will have every cause to identify them with the scribes, pharasees and chief priests of his days and will certainly chase them away from the alters with cains and whips and will certainly, repeat his words” “My father’s house of worship has become the den of thieves”.
To distinguish wisdom from illusion is our greatest challenge as human beings and the paradox of human situation states that the only creature endowed with reasoning (wisdom) is also the only creature to pin its existence on the soil of unreasonable. So since the guiders of the sacred majesty has turned sore, there is a need of change as a motivational speaker Prophet Yahmarabhi put it “By the spare of the old forever stands youths and joy and when an old religion dies, a better one is born, when we found that an assertion is falsehood, a shinning truth takes its place and we need not fear for the destruction of falsehood, Astrologers gave way for Astronomy, Alchemist gave way for Chemistry, Soothsayers (angerers) gave way for priests therefore preachers must give way for teachers to take its place, the real interpreted of nature”. Then who are the real interpreters of nature?

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