TRIBUTE – Death Mocks The Newswriter

Yes, death you are fragile
Fresh in cunning ways
You stood before in the office
Unknown to us all to whisper echoes of melodies
While we share with you our thoughts.
Like element of shame like the wise
you snatched my publisher
Kenneth Amabipi, with a bait
With sign of no feeling of remorse
Yes, you behaved like nothing
Kenneth Amabipi was not a coward
He bowed to you for a prize
Even in death he is celebrated
Not a loser but a finisher
Of a good course
For the tomorrow journalists
For The Newswriter to be ethereal
Kenneth Amabipi said yes to you
What power do you really have
As cunning and fragile as you are
You come with a soothing taste
You dined while smiling for the worst
To make hero of nothing in your power
You demand nothing
Lest the exit of The Newswriter
Kenneth Amabipi has paid the price
To see the dotage of The Newswriter
You could smile as you care
Faith sees you a liar
Time mock your failure
When you snatch Kenneth Amabipi
His sleepless night in the office
Never turned out to be waste
Waste not your time death
You just glorified Kenneth Amabipi
As the angels celebrate him
The hero of the pen
My pen cow boy of silence
Never will you be recognized
Even in death he is a celebrity
The Newswriter opens and never closes
The day and night will never forget you
Sleep on and never slumber
As The Newswriter hits the paper-stand Thursday is the set day
7am is your meeting hour
We may miss you carnally
Your thought of fathership, our strength
Still will we strive in your strength of journalism
Adieu my publisher, my friend
I could not say good bye
Farewell, my publisher. ###

By Allanso Jonathan Allanso
Dedicated To My Publisher, Late Kenneth Amabipi

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