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How PH Referees Association Kill Grassroot Soccer

The Port Harcourt referees over the years have not helped the grassroots soccer in any possible way. While grassroots soccer is the foundation of the future seasoned soccer stars, the field judgers fail to understand this and tend to neglect the growth of the youthful talents in the games but put money before the interest of development of youthful talent in soccer at the grassroot level.

It has been a normal routine to Port Harcourt refereeing association to put money against the interest of youth soccer development each time they are officially call to officiate at grassroot soccer competition.

Grassroots soccer growth depends on all and sundry in the soccer family that includes the referee association. Grassroots soccer could never be judged in complete scale compare with a federation league competition.

Grassroots soccer competition is a breeding ground for future soccer stars that would in future represent the country at various levels in soccer. The grassroots competition needed all the supports from mainly the Port Harcourt Referees Association to grow officiating ought not charged the same amount the country or state competitions are charged. This is because those organizing these grassroots competition are sometime non governmental organization who seek help from others to make life better for those that need help in the society.

An example is the case of the African Youths Sports Federation (AYSOF) organized grassroots soccer peace and unity U-20 senate president talent hunt programme. When the Rivers State Referee Association was contacted to officiate the competition, to the surprise of justice, the Rivers State Referees Association (RSRA) charged the grassroots soccer competition the same amount it charge on professional league matches.

This is another way of killing grassroots soccer in the state and country. Is the Rivers State Referees Association aware that the growth of soccer in the state is their sole responsibility? If they are going on with such spirit what would they expect from the hidden talents.

Only time will tell what grassroot soccer would be tomorrow with the attitude of Rivers State Referees Association (RSRA). ###


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