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Why Ladies Cry for Men

Crying is an emotional phenomenon and when it is done in relationship either in courtship or marriage, it has a different dimension to it. Everybody cry, but crying comes in different facet.

There are reasons why people cry. The loss of a dear one or beloved husband makes one to cry, most especially the women fold. But when a lady cries for man in relationship it may have different interpretations and different reasons.

A lady may cry because her love to the man in whom she has given her heart is not reciprocating the same degree of love she has given to him. In the case of marriage, she feels her love has been betrayed.

Ladies also cry to attract attention from the male fold.

However, cry is an emotional phenomenon that is associated with love or attached with love.

For instance, a lady may attract her man to herself if he truly loves her with cry in expressing her emotional state of mind. The cry of a lady is something more unique and special to the male fold when love is concerned. And truly to their mindset the cry of a lady to the man who is in sincere love with her can make him to consider some requests made to him by the lady.

This type of cry is common mostly in relationship; the reason is to attract the men emotional feeling.

It is also true that gentle real men could not stand the cry of their loved ones.

Mothers too use this type of means to attract their children to listen to them. Because it is a sign of love for a mother to cry for her sons or children, wives mostly use this type of means to achieve their aims on their husbands.


Why Ladies Cry?

Many things may be responsible for ladies crying for men in a relationship.

(1)        Her Love not equally returned to her

(2)        Not regarding her feelings

(3)        Treating her as an infidel

(4)        Not trying to understand her position

(5)        When a lady caught her man lying to her

(6)        When a lady caught a another lady with her man in bed

(7)        When a lady is being beaten by her man

(8)        When a man denies the pregnancy of his partner or lover

(9)        When a lady finds out her man has impregnated another lady

(10)      When the man’s relation refused to accept her into the family while she truly loves their son.

Some may lead to death of the lady. Some may never have the heart to love a man however handsome or good the next man that will approach her looks.

The worst is death and living with a heart condition like hypertension which is common in the society today. Like what we said earlier cry is linked with love and it is emotional, when things happened unexpectedly.

Soulmate advice to ladies is nothing than looking unto Yahweh and never rush into any action.

Yahweh moves in a mysterious ways His wonders to perform. Life itself is not static, if a lady is not regarded in a relationship; there is no need for the lady to continue staying or crying for that man. The earlier she leaves is better for her.

Learn to trust Yahweh in all love related issues, should be your exclusive concern when in a relationship or in courtship or marriage.

Some of the cause of men treating ladies too are caused by the ladies. Love a man but never show  him that without him you will die or could not survive.

One man meat is another man’s poison may be a true statement in some quarters in love related issues.

Those that do not love them are the ones some ladies would want to die for without self regard. It’s really funny how this emotional feeling operates amongst human beings.

Some are in the grace while some are roaming the streets without their feeling and senses.

Many out of being jilted have also caused many families unhappy and useless. Some are still paying for that single mistake done in a minute.

Life is in no one’s hand you enjoy life as you simply guard yourself into it. Keep reading The Newswriter, as we continue to fine turned the Soulmate counseling and match making column better for your delightful reading every Thursday.



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Response: Thank you my dear Cynthia. I appreciate your advice. Well, I do have programmes to present on radio but the problem or challenge is sponsor. May be you can talk to some corporate organizations in sponsoring my programmes and you know what, I will never forget you while you will not have cause to regret either.

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