You And Your Dreams

Since the beginning of time in the lower worlds which includes the lower heavens and our physical universe, man has always had a direct communication link with God and the Holy Spirit. This direct link to God via the Holy Spirit is usually referred to as dreams. Dreams are therefore a description of the activities of Soul’s sojourn in the spiritual worlds when the body is at rest in the form of sleep. A recollection of these activities is then referred to as dreams.

Dreams therefore are privileged information from God.

At the initial stage, spiritually referred to as the ‘Golden Age’ when man was in spiritual harmony with the spiritual laws of life, it was easy for man to communicate directly with the voice of God known as the Holy Spirit. However, with time in this spiritual school known as earth, man has witnessed a gradual degeneration of his spiritual values in favor of material values and thus, the direct communication link with the Holy Spirit became diminished. Man then began to resort to different means of communicating with God.

This has led to the ever growing businesses of mediums, prophets and prophetesses who have decided to cash in on the gullibility of man in the art of prophesying the future of man. Indeed this is the fastest growing business in Nigeria of today.

Different individuals rise up on daily bases claiming to be mouthpieces for God without any valid spiritual understanding of both themselves and the modus operandi of the Holy Spirit. For if man new himself as Soul, there would be no need to make predictions for any other person but rather the prophet would endeavor to teach the individual how to source for such information all by himself.

This is why people flock to anyone who claim to have ‘heard from God’. Such people want information that they themselves cannot obtain directly simply because they have forgotten their spiritual heritage as Soul. For if Soul wearing a hu-man body could recognize itself as a child of God, then it would be easy to hear our father, God when He speaks. But today, we can see that many of us cannot hear the voice of God the Holy Spirit simply because our religion do not have the capacity to teach us on how to understand our dreams.

Dreams as said earlier are privileged information from God. But they are experienced mostly in the spiritual worlds during sleep. For us to understand our dreams then, we would need to begin with us understanding our spiritual nature.

Man is a spiritual being made essentially of the spiritual part which controls the physical part known as the HU-man body. This spiritual part is known as Soul and is created ‘in the image and likeness of God’. This image and likeness is the image of the Holy Spirit which is manifested as Light and Sound. In other words, when Soul is perceived with the spiritual eyes, it appears as a shinning white light and can be heard as a continuous ‘humming sound’ or as a ‘rushing wind’. This Soul is therefore created out of the Holy Spirit, the Light and Sound of God.

But when Soul has decided to come for Its (Soul is neither male or female) Spiritual lessons in this Spiritual School in the lower worlds like Earth or Venus (there are several really!), it has to wear a ‘uniform’ that would enable It attend school in this coarse physical environment due to it vibration and the physical environment. This is why, the HU-man body is basically the same except for color and size. For any Soul coming for studies on Earth here, It must dorne the school uniform known as the Human body. It can either be male or female depending on its spiritual assignment.

But while Soul is down here at school, It has never been left alone by the Spiritual Hierarchy. It was provided with spiritual tools that would enable It obtain information from the spiritual worlds to enable it survive during Its sojourn here on earth. One of such tools is the dream.

So when man goes to sleep at night, it is not for the purpose of rest but for Soul to travel nightly into the inner spiritual worlds commonly referred to as the heavens of God.

When man therefore goes to sleep at night, Soul drops the HU-man side and journeys into the heavenly worlds of God and mixes freely with other creations of God. Most times he can have direct contact with ‘dead’ relatives who would let him know that they are still very much alive but existing in a different dimension. When man returns to his body in the morning, he scratches his head and wondered whether what he encountered in his dreams were actually true. But since his religion has not taught him about dreams, he discards the information as ‘nonsense’ or as a reflection of ‘malaria problems’. Thus man misses the opportunity of learning daily from his dreams. Some even ‘bind’ these information from God and employ the services of ‘prayer warriors’ to stop this nightly information from God out of ignorance.

So how can man understand his dreams and utilize this privileged information to better his life?.

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By Tuborki Dauyemie

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