Is Christianity Founded By The Saviour?

Yahoshea Meshiyach practiced all laws that agree with the mind of Yahweh but whence it is altered, he terms it to be the tradition of men. The conflict between his conviction and those that make input of errors resulted to his persecution and torturous death at Calvary. Yahoshea’s disciples stood firm in accord to their masters teachings and such put them into confrontation with Hebrew authorities that laboured to terminate them. Let me repeat, Yahoshea did not reject the laws of Yahweh that were handed unto the Hebrews but he registered his disagreement over the tailored aspects of the laws by the Hebrew authority. As a worthy son represents his father’s principles so did Yahoshea Meshiyach stood firm to defend the laws that Yahweh originally revealed to mankind through the ancient prophets before him. But the total agony is that the pagan Romans through their formulated Catholic Church wrongly accused Yahoshea as has come to abolish the laws at Calvary. Even the corrupted accounts of his life that were recorded in Christian Bible did not prove that Yahoshea abolished any of the laws of Yahweh rather the book wholly submitted that Yahoshea openly declared that he has not come to abolish any part of the law but to fulfill them. The criminals that go on white apparels and claim to represent Yahoshea are often heard teaching that Yahoshea’s death at Calvary means his fulfillment of the law. That teaching has not been properly explained to lay religious men because the term “fulfillment” and “abolition” are quite opposites. Fulfillment in its primary explanation means passing through all the set conditions while abolition means total stoppage of an idea or process. Does fulfillment of the laws means abolishing of them? The answer is simple, Yahoshea only observed all necessary conditions of the laws and taught his disciples of such lifestyle but did not in any form disrespected the laws both when physically with them or on transition revealed that the laws of Yahweh has been abolished. The laws of Yahweh as practiced by Yahoshea Meshiyach was the standard observed by his immediate disciples at his presence and after his demise. When the Romans came at the fold, they changed all the conditions of the laws to suit their traditions and to deceive their converts that Yahoshea’s death has removed the yoke of laws upon them. If Christianity is of the opinion that Yahoshea has bore their sin at Calvary therefore law has been made impotent, why do they preach against minor law such as adultery, fornication, murder, false witness, covetousness and disobedience to parents. Did Yahoshea’s death only abolished vertical set of laws as the law of usage of divine name Yahweh and Yahoshea Meshiyach in their reference, address and worship? Do his death only released Christians of not keeping Sabbath day holy? Do his death at Calvary abolished the law that restrict all mankind from forming of images and worshipping them? Do Yahoshea’s death abolished Yahweh’s ordained restivals and convocations as 1st of Abib (April) as for new year, 10th Abib (April) as for Atonement day, 13th of Abib (April) as for Passover festival and 13th of seventh month (Oct.) As for feast of the Booth or Tabernacle. How did Yahoshea’s death abolished or give freedom to Christians to disagree on those laws that are enumerated on the vertical set of divine commandments to mankind? At present, the church pastors are often heard preaching that they are not under the law? But why do they preach against adultery and fornication? Are such not prescribed on the same tablets of laws along with the law of Sabbath rest keeping? The truth is that the Church of Jesus Christ is only responding to Roman interests and traditions which is in opposition to Yahweh’s standards that were handed unto Hebrew tribe. What the pastors and bishops preach is all about Roman tradition and their associate laws. In each tradition of any people, the laws that forbid fornication, adultery, stealing, murder, false witness, covetousness, are certainly obtainable. And such laws fall under the horizontal aspect of divine laws because it treats on relationship between man to his fellow man. But all religions differ on portrayals of Yahweh as found in vertical laws. The true set of vertical laws were made known to Hebrews and Yahoshea came to fulfill such injunctions. He certainly fulfilled them and same was the case of his disciples. But the Christendom are totally opposite to such real laws of Yahweh so they cannot be right in their claim to be found by Yahoshea. Logically, to be a follower of the saviour refers to a way of life that reflect the values, attitudes and conduct that the saviour preached and exemplified. The followers that lived after him were identified as Yahosheans because they believed in his way and conducts in life and equally believed that Yahoshea Meshiyach was the true son of Yahweh, the awaited Meshiyach who had transmitted to the entire humanity the will of his father that he identified as Yahweh. This belief prompted them to follow a way of Yahoshea’s lifestyle that differed from that of the world around them. Yahosheans means YAHOSHEA-LIKE, he who resembles him in character and conduct. According to the name, the followers of Yahoshea accepted all doctrines and creeds that were approved by Yahoshea Meshiyach, accepted lines of ancient scriptures that were equally approved by him and equally stood to represent his attitude and character even after his demise. The real duty of Yahoshea Meshiyach was the proclamation of the true name of the grand creator as Yahweh alone and that of his name Yahoshea Meshiyach. He equally taught and demonstrated the way to observe the true Sabbath rest as commanded by Yahweh and equally on law of love of other mortals more than self. Does Christianity observe these doctrines as Yahoshea did? Or did Christianity emerged after his demise to truncate his set values and priorities? This questions can be addressed through this ongoing caption “IS CHRISTIANITY FOUNDED BY THE SAVOUR?” our adjoining question can be as such “IS CHRISTIANITY THE SECT THAT LIVE AFTER THE SAVOUR OR DO WE LOOK FOR ANOTHER? We were told by the savour (Yahoshea) that his true successor will be the comforter who will lead assembly that will live after him. It means that the true mystery of life lies in the hand of one man being the promised comforter. Is the Christianity led by the appropriate comforter? Or is it an arrangement of pagans who used the formation of the sect to resolve their political and selfish aspirations? Many scholars have conceived of what is assumed to be the status of behaviours of true followers of Yahoshea. But in most of the cases, their concepts are mere expressions of modern day projections of the possible characters of the sect and often based on the principles obtainable in many Christian practices Email:

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