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Should Yobo BeRecall To The Super Eagles?

JOSEPH YOBOThe clamour for the recall of Joseph Yobo to the Super Eagles after the Nation Cup is one issue that had been drawing the attention of fans of the stars and well meaning Nigerians as well as soccer enthusiasts across Nigeria.

In our quest to seek the views and opinions of stakeholders and enthusiasts of the round leather game, The Newswriter sports desk went to town and seek the opinions and views of a cross section of the public.

First to speak to The Newswriter Sports was the General Manager of the National Network Newspaper, Chris Konkwo. According to him, Yobo recall to the Super Eagles will be denying another Nigeria the chance to serve his fatherland, saying that Yobo had contributed his quota and should allow another younger talent to take his turn.

Adding that Yobo is no longer the Yobo Nigerians know when he first featured for the Super Eagles in the Nigerian Super eagles defence line.

Second person to speak to our sports desk on the issue was Joshua Tobunimi, a reporter with the Hard Truth Newspaper. He said, Yobo is still relevant to the Super Eagles defence, so he should be recalled to feature in the defence alongside other younger defenders, his reason because Yobo has experience advantage over other younger defenders in the Super eagles defence.

For the current team manager of Goldashe International Football Club of Port Harcourt, Barr. Jim George, he said Yobo should be recalled to the Super Eagles because he has experience and would be of great influence to younger defenders in the Super Eagles line.

He also centres his opinion on his club saying that is the view of Goldashe International Football club.

Johnbull Sammy from Rivers State Sports Council on his take, opined that Yobo should on his own give opportunity to the younger ones also to contribute to the National team just as others before he did to him.

Adding that he (Yobo) has got everything he needed, he had played to the top with the Eagles, he is about the longest serving captain in the Super Eagles because others gave him the opportunity. He should quit when the ovation is loudest on him, in that way, he would earn more regard from Nigerians and football followers in the world. Like Taribo West, Kanu Nwankwo, J.J Okocha and others.

Benjamin Akobo on his part said, Nigerians are making Yobo absence in the Super eagles too sentimental, he queried those clamouring for Yobo recall, asking what is wrong with the Super Eagles defence line up without Yobo?

He also charged journalists for putting undue pressure on the coaches to sometime make wrong decision about the choice of players to be invited to the national teams.

According to him, where are the Kanus, Okochas, Taribos and Aiyegbemi, is the new crop of players assembled by Keshi, are they not doing well without Yobo?

“There should be continuity in the national team,” he concluded.

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