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Luck, Tactical Inadequacy Denies Keshi CHAN Trophy

KeshiThe chan Africa cup of Nations have come and gone and winners have emerged. It is no longer news that Nigeria one of the prospective champion eyeing the trophy was beaten to the third place due to tactical inadequacy and luck.

Libya beat Ghana to claim the trophy in a penalty shoot out after Nigeria failed to claim her place in the first semi finals with Ghana.

Keshi was given that particular match by fate but failed to take his advantage for tactical inadequacy.

Ghana was 10 men down for Nigeria to outwit or win that match on regulation time which needed Keshi tactical expertise to have claim that encounter which Keshi has no answers to.

Keshi failed to make his changes as when due and let time slip off his hand as the Ghanians with luck intensified play to stressed the game into extra time.

Keshi would have combined Ejike, Pyagbara earlier to have gotten his answer about that match, which he failed to execute, hence leaving fate to decide his fate in favour of the resilient Ghanaian side.

Supposing Keshi made his rightful changes on time, when Ghana was 10 men down, placing two, three players against the created loophole by Ghana one man down,  of that Nigeria would have been singing the heroic champion song, perhaps Keshi will learn to understand the element of luck, fate plays in the game of soccer.

Fate may present to you luck to you first and when you failed to take your chance or acknowledge it, it will swift to the never say die resilient opponent of yours, that was the case of Keshi.

Though, the Nigerian players played their best but Keshi has to be blamed for the tactical failed to get a grip of that match, by stamping his tactical authority hence lost the main trophy to claim bronze on the whole. ###

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