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Nyokhana: Deputy Speaker Fired Over Illegal Inauguration of Youth Body

 LEYII KWANEEThe Concerned Youths of Nyokhana in the Khana Local Government Area have come hard on the Deputy Speaker of the highly factionalized Rivers Sate House of Assembly, RSHA, Hon. Leyii Kwanee over what they call, “illegal inauguration of Nyokhana Youth Council”.

Speaking at a press briefing in Port Harcourt on Tuesday, the Secretary General of the youths, Comrade Barkikui Leerabari Aziaka declared that the Deputy Speaker has no right to constitute any youth body in Nyokhana.

The youths condemned the attitude of the lawmaker for inaugurating a youth body in the Palace of a 3rd class traditional ruler, “when there is already an existing youth body in Nyokhana”.

The youths recalled that after his election in 2011, he (Leyii Kwanee) appointed one Barisua Samson as the youth leader of the community, which caused crisis in the area.

Comrade Aziaka described Hon. Kwanee as a “confusonist,” and advised the controversial state parliamentarian to concentrate on doing his legislative duties, and leave the youths of Nyokhana to decide their affairs.

“Hon. Kwanee is free to appoint youth executives in his community if he wishes to do so. But as far as Nyokhana is concerned the lawmaker has no constitutional right and he is nobody to venture into youth politics by appointing or inaugurating Nyokhana Youth Council”, Comrade Aziaka said.

According to him apart from causing confusion here and there in the area, the embattled lawmaker has not done any good thing for his people since he was voted into power in 2011.

“What he is doing now is to encourage cultism and violent in the area. But as law abiding youths we will not join issues with him.

But let him not push us to the ward, if not we have no option than to react. And if we react something dangerous will happen”, Comrade Aziaka threatened.

He challenged the Deputy Speaker to come out boldly to tell the constituents what he has done since elected in 2011.

“It is very sad to say that the model school awarded to him to build he has not completed it. What a shame!” Comrade Aziaka asserted.

He advised the paramount ruler of his community not to be deceived by the antics of the law maker so as to avoid tarnishing his (paramount ruler) image in the public. ###

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