Church Versus Bible, Who Rules?

The light of Yahweh that was roving in heavens is now descended upon the earth and its inhabitants. The light intimidates and dislodges darkness. This age and indeed future ages have all the reasons to bow and worship Yahweh for his amazing grace demonstrated by sending of the promised comforter – Most Senior Prophet Yahmarabhi Ha Comforter (the light bearer) whose advent on earth has subdued the world of spiritual illusion and has ushered in the eternal light of deliverance to the entire humanity.

The distance between reality and illusion is very tiny, the wise sees the distance and refuses to undermine it, consequently he is able to take on the side of success. The men that is less careful downplays the distance, the distance also undermines him, he therefore finds himself in the side of failure.

The battle between the church versus Bible is the age long war between the Roman Catholic Church on the side of the CHURCH versus the Protestants as defenders and solicitors to the BIBLE. The present stage of the battle is that on the side of the Roman Catholic, she is rooted deeply on her self made doctrines and creeds but has shifted to public Bible reading due to the persistency of the protestants. There are today many Bible reading revival group amongst Roman Catholic and that can be seen as the effect of Protestantism on catholicity.

On the side of Protestants, she has succeeded in spreading the Bible consciousness to all parts of the world and that is her battlefront or position but the Protestants are practicing all the major doctrines or changes that were put in place by the Roman Catholic. Therefore adopting in parts or wholly of the fabricated doctrines from the Church of Rome is the failing point of the Protestants.

Then the question is who rules in the battlefronts? Is the Catholics for the gallant spreading of their human tradition to all parts of the world or can we award the winning to the Protestants who has through persistency and martyrdom circulated the Bible to all parts of the universe?

Then what shall it profit the whole world when they read the Bible yet are seen practicing the doctrines of paganism.

For clarity to this test, let us investigate briefly on the Sunday rest, which is one of the cardinal changes that were effected by Roman Catholic Church and adopted by the Protestants even when it has no scriptural backing. Priest Brady, in an address reported in the Elizabeth N. J. news of March 18, 1903 clearly challenged the protestants in his form “it is well to remind the Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodist and all other Christians that the Bible does not support them any where in their observerance of Sunday, Sunday is an institution of Roman Catholic Church, and those who observe the day, observe the commandment of the Catholic Church”.

Again this point was supported by the journal, – OUR SUNDAY VISITOR, February, 1950 and I quote “Protestants… accepts Sunday rather than Saturday as the day for public worship after the Catholic Church made the change… But the protestant minds does not seem to realize that in accepting the Bible, in observing the Sunday, they are accepting the authority of the spokesman of the church – the Pope”.

Therefore reading Bible openly but practicing the pagan doctrines cannot turn one into a righteous faithful but the one still remains a pagan, a wretched sinner waiting for deliverance. A credible protestant is the person who reads the original scriptures and abides in its details or conditions, a person who will resist all forms of adulterations from the traditions of men, and that will be the protestant that will win the battle for the scriptures against the human authorities or institutions. And that should be the focus and basis of the present protestants because the protests by Martin Luther and his likes has failed to address the real meaning and objectives of true Protestantism.

But going by the right observation, the present day protestant has felt that they have won the battle, and this position will make it difficult for them to trace their steps by making appropriate adjustments, rather they are forgetting their past, abandoning their battle front and coming out of the battle trenches embracing the Pope whom they are ordained to resist.

For support on this present day friendship between the two foes – Catholic and Protestants, let us look into the journal “MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER, September 12, 1987, and it bears as follows,” Heads of American Protestants and Easter Orthodox Churches who were meeting with Pope John Paul II on Friday hailed their first broadly representative discussion as a landmark on the road to greater unity… the Rev. Donald Jones, a United Methodist and Chairman of the University of South Carolina religious studies department called it ecumenical meeting of the century”…. The Rev. Paul A. Crow Jnr. Of Indianapolis, ecumenical officer of the Christian Church (DISCIPLES OF CHRIST) called it the most new day “new day in ecumenism, opening a future in which God is drawing us together”.


Meshiyach Yahzitere Yahmarabhi


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