Conversation with A ‘Poor Man’

Life has a way of providing all our needs if only we can really differentiate between our needs and our wants. This is why the man who does not have usually referred to as a ‘poor man’, envies the man who seems to have, a ‘rich man’. If only the so called ‘poor man’ can really count his blessings, then he would realize that God in His infinite mercy and love does not make a mistake in the appropriation of His Love for man.

God loves both the rich and the poor. It would interest most of us to know that God does not love the rich more than the poor nor does He love the poor for not having riches. God loves Soul and His only desire is for Soul to come back home to heaven after his spiritual education in the lower worlds, earth. But as soon it descends to the University of Life, he forgets his purpose in life as long as it is enwrapped in the HU-man body. He then sees himself first and foremost as man. He has forgotten the spiritual aspect of himself known as Soul.

On this fateful day, I was about to depart for work and was engaged in the following conversation with my ‘gateman’

‘Good Morning Sir!’ said Paul

‘Good Morning. How is life generally?’ I responded

‘Life is hard oh!’ he replied

‘Don’t you believe in God anymore?’ I queried

‘I do’ he responded ‘But I have to look for money’ he answered

‘Who then is the owner of money?’ I asked

‘God’ He chipped in.

‘Then why look for money and not God?’ I probed further ‘Don’t you believe God knows all your needs?’

‘I do, but….’ His voice trailed off.

‘But what?’ I wanted to know

‘Why are some people rich and some other people poor?’ he asked boldly

‘Do you believe God loves the rich more than the poor?’ I countered

‘But how can some people be rich and others are poor. Is it not because God loves them more?’ He demanded

‘Why do you think money is an indication of God’s love? Read about the temptation stories in all Holy Books. What did the devil use in tempting all who claimed to be children of God?’ I asked

‘Money and riches’ he replied softly, no longer as confident as earlier moments.

‘So if a man has One Million Naira and problems of Two Million Naira and another man has Five Thousand Naira with problems of One Naira, who then is richer?’ I asked


‘If God says to the devil: ”this is my begotten son, test him” who then is the devil working for?’

‘God’ he replied meekly

‘So why look for money instead of God?’ I continued

‘Why is it so difficult to get money then?’ he demanded

‘Which is easier, to get God or to get money?’ I countered. ‘Man’s attention is focused on money and not the Creator of money. Was it not written that ‘Seek ye first God and all …….’

‘I know but why is it difficult to understand God?’ he requested.

‘What you need is to first understand yourself as Soul. For you are a part of God Almighty, so if you understand who you are, then you understand the mystery of God, your Father and Creator.’ I replied.

‘So, how do I understand who I am?’ He was eager to know. ‘Is it through prayer?’

‘If God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient, that means, He is everywhere, He is all powerful and all knowing, why do you have to pray? Prayer is for those who do not know God, you see? If you know God, you do not pray. Instead you find out the will of God and obey it to the letter.’ I concluded. I made to drive off.

‘Excuse me sir, how do I understand and know myself?’ he pleaded

‘You understand yourself better when you call God by the name God gave to Himself. People do not get reply from God because they call God by the name they have given to God. If I call you Peter and your name is Paul, will you answer?’ I asked

‘No’ he replied.

‘Then why call God by all our native names we give to God? You see why it is so difficult to get response from God or to understand God?’

‘So what is the name God gave to Himself?’ asked Paul

‘HU’ I replied

‘Hu?’ asked Paul

‘Yes, HU’ I confirmed. ‘This is the secret name of God. It is the only name God responds to. If you have been calling God before now without a response, sing the HU. It is the Holy and Sacred name for God by God for all His children to use in contacting Him. But you do not need to beg God since He is your Father, why do you beg anyway? Those who beg or beseech God you see on Television, do not know God their Father. They do so in ignorance.’ I concluded.

‘But they do get answers’ he queried

‘Yes, they get answers from the ‘devil’ who knows you are not supposed to ask God for anything. Asking God for something is an evidence of ignorance and greed on your own part. It is an indication of your being ignorant of your nature as a part and parcel of God. For can water from an ocean contained in a bottle be different from the water in the ocean itself? Since you are not different from God, to whom do you pray to then? For you pray out of desire and desire is the source of all pain.’ I concluded.

He looked confused.

‘Do not look confused. If you demand anything from God, the tempter of Soul, the ‘devil’ will come and tempt you and your desire for riches will cause you to reincarnate and claim the riches you created while on earth, you see? So the way is to align your will with the will of God and therefore demand nothing from God and then you have everything through the law of reversed effort. What you do not need will look for you. Try it.’ I stated matter –of-factly.

‘Singing HU, the Holy and Sacred name of God is another way of saying, ”God let thy will be done in my life!”. This is different from begging God, you see?’

‘What happens when I sing HU?’ asked Paul

‘When you sing HU, you are repeating the Sound of God that is vibrating within you. This sound is the energy of God that will open your consciousness to God’s love. The more you sing the HU, the more you receive this love or energy of God that then guides you in your thoughts words and actions. You then know and realize yourself as Soul, a spark of divinity, a spark of God. You then see yourself as a shaft of Light and you can also hear the Sound of God. You then become the knower. You no longer believe in God. For belief is meant for the ignorant man. You are now the knower and you live continuously in the presence of God. You see?’

‘So are you still poor?’ I asked Paul

‘No, sir’ he replied.

‘You only need to know who you are. For you are a divine child of God. What belongs to God belongs to you.’ I concluded.

So it is written ‘Man know thyself!’


By Tuborki Dauyemie


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