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Between Book Knowledge And Direct Experience With The Holy Spirit

There are so many Holy Books today in the world giving account of experiences of supposedly holy men and ordinary mortals having experiences with God. Most of these experiences were personal encounters with the Holy Spirit at a certain level either with the Light of God and in some rare cases, with the Sound of God. When an individual experiences the Light of God such an individual is experiencing the Voice of God at the psychic level but when the individual experiences the Sound of God as in the Sound of rushing wind, sound of ringing bells or a flute note, such an individual is experiencing the Holy Spirit at a higher level. These experiences of these individuals including dreams, visions and other spiritual endeavors are then recorded in what is known as Holy Books for others who cannot have these experiences to read. Therefore, direct experience with the Holy Spirit which is the Voice of God is a spiritual experience. Those who quote these books have no experience of their own, otherwise they would not quote.

Conversely, the world today has also witnessed a phenomenal rise in those who claim the knowledge of God by reading and quoting second hand experiences of individuals who have had direct experience with Holy Spirit. These individuals consume so many materials and read volumes and volumes of ‘Holy Books’ containing experiences of others. They ride on this book knowledge to claim authority on the words of God recorded in these books. They transfer this supposed ‘authority’ on their numerous followers and control the lives of gullible millions who depend on their ‘book knowledge’ without any spiritual experiences of their own. In other words, they do not have spiritual experiences of their own and also do not have the ability to guide others to have spiritual experiences of their own. As such, their authority is baseless because they have not experienced the Holy Spirit nor have they had a direct experience with God Almighty. They therefore mislead both themselves and others on their way to God. Unfortunately, it takes quite some time before their followers realize that such individuals do not know anything about experiencing the Holy Spirit. They would have this realization when they start asking some of the questions below:

‘Are the experiences recorded in these Holy Books the experiences of individuals?’

‘If God spoke to certain individuals more than two thousand years ago, has God stopped talking directly to man of today?’

‘Can an individual claim the experience of God when he has not experienced God or the Holy Spirit, the Voice of God directly?’

‘Can a man claim the knowledge of God based on ‘book knowledge alone?’

‘How can man have a direct experience with the Voice of God, the Holy Spirit?’

‘What can man of today do to have direct experiences with the Holy Spirit?’

Having a direct experience with the Holy Spirit, the Voice of God, begins with the belief that this experience is possible. For if the individual believes that it is not possible, how does he expect to have the experience? Some of us place so much limitation on ourselves simply because we do not know our spiritual make-up. This is because we do not know ourselves as Soul, a particle of the Holy Spirit, and as such we have never been separated from God our Father and Creator. This basic understanding would enable us to realize that we are created from the fabric of the Holy Spirit.

If man knew that he was created out of the fabric of the Holy Spirit and created in the image and likeness of God, how come we find it difficult to experience God or the Holy Spirit? If man is created from the fabric of the Holy Spirit how come he feels separated from God and continues to beseech God in multiple prayers? How can man then realize who he really is and rediscover himself so that he can reconnect back to God and realize his spiritual heritage?

The starting point for this spiritual experience then is for us to know who we are. We are made up of two distinct aspects: the Spiritual, which is our real self and the physical which is the HU-man body which we can see with our physical eyes. The Spiritual aspect cannot be seen with our physical equipment, the eyes, and cannot also be perceived by our sense of smell nor can it be perceived by our hearing organ, the ear. This is why most of us are not aware of the spiritual aspect of ourselves because the HU-man body is acting as a shield for the spiritual bodies that are contained within ourselves. One of the elementary ways we can perceive this spiritual aspect is when we go to sleep and drop the HU-man body, then we can move about in the dream worlds sometimes referred to as the Astral world or the First Heaven. This is why our dream experiences are very important in the understanding of who we are.

For instance a man who is physically asleep in Port Harcourt can find himself in a dream situation with his family members at Abuja or Lagos. The experience can be very real until he returns back into his body when he is either woken up or wakes up naturally in the morning. Gradually he recollects the dream experience and wonders what it was all about. Yes, he could remember he had travelled to Lagos in the dream and had seen his family but what was the meaning of his dream? Because his religion has not taught him about the nature and the interpretation of dreams, he discards it as nonsense or malaria dream, and continues with life. Sometimes some of us even pray and bind some of these snippets of spiritual experiences out of ignorance and in the next minute, we are busy praying to the same God that is trying to speak to us through dreams.

In the experience above, man is being given an opportunity to realize and experience the spiritual aspect of himself known as Soul. This Soul appears like a thousand lights clustered together but shining brightly. It can only be seen through the spiritual eye which is located on top of man’s forehead but lies dormant until man activates it through special spiritual exercises or during dreams. Therefore, with the study of dreams, man can understand himself better and also understand the first heaven of God which is actually in our dream worlds. So dreams are actually spiritual experiences that provide us with a window to view the heavens of God.

Secondly our beliefs and religion are actually a limitation on our spiritual progress. Most of us  have been indoctrinated from childhood through our different religions simply because our parents believed in the same things. But we should remember just as we evolve physically, we are also bound to evolve and grow spiritually. The conditions that existed thousands of years ago when most religions were created have changed significantly and this is why most of us have difficulties that cannot be resolved with old techniques of prayer and religious concepts. It is like trying to walk from Lagos to London as it was being done on the back of camels in those days instead of flying with supersonic jets that would take less than seven hours from Lagos to London. The days of riding camels are over and done with and likewise the individual who wishes to have a spiritual experience needs to move from the old concepts of contacting God to new ways in which God can be contacted directly even as we move on the streets of Port Harcourt or London. God can be contacted anytime we wish simply because God is our Father and Creator and has never been separated from us. We inadvertently separate ourselves from God by choosing to believe in wrong concepts usually fed to us through most of our religions that do not have spiritual basis. This is the reason why most of our ‘men of God (words?) continue to quote old experiences from ‘Holy Books’ because they are still grounded in the same old concepts of trying to walk to London when they can fly.

Any wonder why most of us cannot make any contact with God?

Thirdly, we can also choose to have spiritual experiences by undertaking many spiritual exercises of the Holy Spirit. Just as man exercises the physical body on a daily basis to develop supple muscles and a strong and healthy body, so also do we need to strengthen ourselves spiritually by undertaking special spiritual exercises that would enable grow and unfold spiritually. One of the most effective and basic ones is to sing the Holy and Sacred name of God known as the HU. This is the name God Almighty gave to Himself so that we can contact God anytime we wish. All other names we call God are the numerous names we have chosen in our dialect to call God our Father. Such names include God, given by the English, Tamara used widely in the Niger Delta, Olorun used widely in Yoruba language, Chineke, Abasi, Bari and millions of other names we call God. But often times we do not get feedback from God because these are not the names of God. These are the names which we used in describing what we do not understand about God. But the only way to get direct feedback from God Almighty is for us to call God by that name God gave to Itself for man to use when man is in need for God. That name is HU.

I have described how to sing HU severally in this column but since the HU is what we need to open the doorway to spiritual experiences it is worth repeating here. The HU is the Sound of God. It is the Sound that creates and sustains all of us from the purest heavens of God down to the physical Earth. No man can survive life or exist without this Sound of God. If the individual covers his ears with his fore fingers and closes his eyes, he would hear this Sound of God, HU reverberating throughout his being. When man dies, ie drops the HU-man body, this Sound ceases and man is said to have died. For man to therefore experience God through the recognized Voice of God, man needs to sing HU regularly either in periods of joy or sadness. When man sings HU, he can never be without God.

When all else fails, sing HU.

But why wait until we have problems before singing HU? The HU can be sung at any time we wish to experience the love of God. This love of God can be experienced as the Light and Sound. This is because this is the way the Holy Spirit manifests in the lower worlds. In the physical, man experiences the Holy Spirit as intelligence; in the first to fourth heaven, man can experience IT as Light and in the pure heavens (the 5th to beyond 10th Heaven) it manifests as Sound. To have this Spiritual experience therefore, the individual should find a quiet place, sit relaxed close the eyes to avoid distraction, put the attention between the two eyebrows and sing HU like this: Huuuuuuuuuu! in an outward breath like the word ‘you’ elongated. The individual breathes in again and on the outward breath again, sings HU. This is repeated for about 10-20 minutes before bedtime and God would reply the individual in his dreams. This is for beginners. For advanced Spiritual students, God would reply the individual instantly through the Light or through the Sound as the individual walks on the street or wherever the individual is. This is the Voice of God popularly referred to as the Holy Spirit. We must remember to write down our experiences upon awakening. This is a sign that we appreciate this feedback from God Almighty. This will make us have more experiences of the Light and Sound of God.

Man know thyself!


By Tuborki Dauyemie

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