Help The Less Privileged

The essence of good governance is to provide enabling environment for economic sustainability and dispensation of social justice. This could be done through intense advocacy of pragmatic policies and programmes.
The primary responsibility of any government is to ensure that the three necessities of life such as housing, clothing and food must be in place and made available for the citizenry.
Unequivocally, if this is achieved there will be reduction of poverty, while the living standard of the people will be improved. But a situation whereby the government neglects its primary roles of provision of goods and services which no doubt will lead to abject poverty.
There are so much citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that need help as a result of some challenges confronting them in their day to day living. Such individuals include: the aged, the orphans, disabled and the widows.
The nation’s social welfare policy(ies) and social welfare services are in limbo, therefore cannot support the needs of the less privileged in the society.
The governments at all levels should try as much as possible to ensure that they initiate better policies and programmes that will restructure the nation’s welfare services so that it would cushion the affect of the economic and social problems facing the less privileged in the society. ###

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