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The consciousness of Yahosheanism is the most fresh religious thought in the universe presently because it re-emerged through Most Senior Prophet Yahmarabhi of the present age. His works and those of his disciples are going through their final touches to appear in the scholar library shelves. So, I appeal to you to give us short time for our books to be available to you and other men of goodwill like you. Thanks.
Reaction 1
Meshiyach Yahzitere Yahmarabhi, I have gone through your reactions in your bid to answer questions from Mr. Ojei Silas, in The Moonlight newspaper. I have judged you by the word of God and found you to be a false prophet, an agent of Satan on assignment, an anti-Christ, a deceiver and a raw sinner. In that, you denied of the existence of Satan and his activities. Also you made yourself the promised comforter and not acknowledging the person or Deity of Jesus Christ. I am Pastor Israel Nwaubani of EtcheRiversState.
Answer: -Thanks, Pastor Israel, I have received many of such reactions from especially pastors and their born again followers. I decided to keep mute over such personal attacks on me and my write-ups but have chosen this opportunity to react a bit.
As scholar, we were trained to register out disagreements politely and to attack the message but not the messenger.
In your reaction, you called me a false prophet, an agent of Satan, antichrist, deceiver etc because I taught that there is no Satan and his hosts. A true prophet is one who reveals the ideal of Yahweh to peoples of the earth. He who teaches that the true name of the creator must be restored in our daily spiritual activities can never be a false prophet. A person who teaches on the laws of Yahweh such as his ordained Sabbath rest, his authorized festivals and due obligations to Yahweh can never be the false prophet. A false prophet must be those who teach that there is no law or that mortals are not under the law. These are the teachers of lawlessness. They teach against all the ordinances of Yahweh. As I advice you to surrender wholeheartedly to the creator through his approved doctrines, I cannot be the false prophet you mentioned, rather those of you who teach that you can call him any name in any language forgetting his name he mentioned to Prophet Moses at the burning bush as well as the name he personally wrote with his fingers on the plate at Mount Sinai. That name was re-echoed by Yahoshea Meshiyach at the Calvary as Yahu-Yahu Lame Sabbatani which the church changed to Eloi, Eloi, Lamasabatani.
It is the name Yahweh and his true doctrines that distinguishes one from other false prophets. Again you termed me as an agent of Satan, what is an agent? An agent is simply defined as a representative of his principal who may be his parent, bodies, institution or community. An agent by character must express or advertise the existence of his principal to people. Since I teach that Satan does not exist, I can never be his agent, because an agent must represent and advertise his master. For instance an ambassador of Nigeria at CongoRepublic is an agent of Nigerian nation there, he can not announce that there is no Nigerian nation. If he does such, he has violated his agreement with his master, therefore he will be withdrawn and prosecuted.
For the agent of Satan and demons, the Bible and church are their agents, because they know of Satan and are working to promote him daily. So since the pastors and Bishops are those preaching about Satan and his activities, they are the real agents of Satan. When a person is of evil character, if one engages himself on advertising such evil works, such person is directly an agent to the evil person.
For instance, the terrorists, militants and kidnappers are engaging in evil works, if one keeps announcing of their evil works, the one is directly their agent. A person who said that Satan does not exist can never be termed as his agent.
Again, you called me an Anti- Christ, truly, the name of the Saviour is Yahoshea Meshiyach. Yahoshea means Yahweh’s salvation while Meshiyach means the anointed one. Those who are against Yahoshea are called the Anti-Yahoshea. All those who worked against his ministry, killed him and forced his disciples to stop preaching with his name are the Anti-Yahoshea.
So the name Jesus Christ is a replacement coined by pagan Greek scholars who derive the name Jesus from Ihsous or Zeus and Christ from Christos. All these are ancient pagan deities of the Greeks. So a true believer of Yahweh through his son Yahoshea Meshiyach can never be Anti-Yahoshea but he can be termed as Ant-Christ because he can never believe on the name Jesus Christ which is driven from pagan idol names.
Therefore it is not wrong to address me as an Anti-Christ because I am not a propagator of Christ Jesus and I don’t believe in his deityship. Therefore by these answers, it will not be wise to address me as a deceiver because I am only revealing such absolute truths that the church refused to teach rather they supplanted them with falsehood. How can I be your deceiver when I teach you to remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy. The Sabbath falls on Saturday of Gregorian Calendar. The church disagreed with the laws of Yahweh and changed it to Sunday rest. Then who is a deceiver, is it you Mr. Pastor that keeps Sunday rest or me that honours the Sabbath as it was originally commanded?
All the prophets of Yahweh were addressed in such negative ways. Even Yahoshean Meshiyach was addressed as Belzubub (Chief of all demons). So I am not worried if you address me in the manner you addressed my master Yahoshea. Thanks.

Question 7
Dear Meshiyach, if your write-ups are to be truthful, it means that all men have failed the examinations set by Yahweh. All are ignorant of his commandments or ways, all have choose man made ways. Then my question is, why are men far from truth? Who is to be blamed, is it that the lessons of life is too tough for men to understand or is it because men are slow in understanding? I believe in some of your articles because I am a fellow believer of Yahweh and Sabbath. I always wonder why men cannot understand these simple logics. Thanks, I am Emmayah Nze from Owerri.
Answer: – Thanks, Emmayah, the reasons for men’s failure to master their relationship with Yahweh is very simply. There is great dislocation between the ideas of Yahweh and those of mortals. Yahweh

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