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Rivers State Sports Ministry Abandoned No. 1 Field To Strangers

RIVERS STATE 1The noble idea of former governor of Rivers State, Hon. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi of encouraging youths to excel in football in the town axis is good as being sabotaged as strangers put incharge by the sports ministry as to take care of the facility have started making money with the facility without the sports ministry even knowing half of what they do, not to talk of the sports ministry having knowledge of what is going on in that facility.

The Newswriter sports editor who happened to be the media coordinator of Represent your foreign club football championship 2015 at the No. 1 Field Bende Street, saw sharp practice with one Mr. Yellowman at the gate with his boys.

Though the organizers of the championship paid some money before started using the facility, they were harassed and embarrassed at will by Yellowman and his boys. Apart from gate taking daily, the sound system was also paid for, but the said Yellowman frustrated the organizers by traveling with the key to the sound system which had been separately paid at the day of the finals.

On investigation it was revealed that the said Yellowman was an Akwa Ibomite hence he did what he did.

Meanwhile, the sports ministry did not know that money had been collected for the facility.

The question is whose pocket did the money go into, because the sports ministry was also asking the organizers to paid N70,000.

If these continues grassroots football at that field will not be encouraged at the end of it all, the vision and noble idea of fixing that field for the youths in that area have been defeated.

From further investigation, yours truly understand that the organizers supposed not pay money on the facility before using it because they are Rivers youths.

The most ridiculous aspect of it all is that Yellowman and his cohorts are not staff of the ministry of Sports. ###

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