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What Grassroots Players Need To Become Better Players

pyagbaraGrassroots players in Nigeria need the help of the society and the government to become better players if these factors are carefully put in place for them.
Good football pitch: They need all the best to excel hence, good football pitch is their best bet to train so as to bring the best out of them.
Good quiet Environment: They need a good quiet environment where there will be no distraction on their person when they are on training. This will basically make them focused and estalblished real concentration on training hours.
They need a good tactician: The best of every born player comes basically from the type of coach or tactician that lay his foundation for him. A good tactician play or train you in your rightly natural position in the football field and play or maintain you to bringing your natural best.
Grassroots Players Need Coach and Not a Trainer: Most of the coaches around the grassroots teams are just trainers and not coaches. For grassroots players to excel or become their best, they must have a coach to coach them and not just train them on how to kick the ball, so on and so forth.
A coach shows the player the basic technical aspect of football and reads the players gifted position in each department of the field and bring out the best out of him.
A father figure: Every grassroots player needs a father figure as his coach. A coach father figure does more than the coach work in the field, he also follows the player in his day to day lifestyle so as to keep him focused on his football career.
He mentors him, and always discipline him when he strays away from the basic rule of life and the game.
These are some of the factors coaches and stakeholders of the game disclosed to The Newswriter sports desk during the weekend. ###

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