Sharks, Dolphins Expect New Management

NYESOMThe Rivers State owned two football clubs, Sharks and Dolphins expect new management to be constituted to run the affairs of the clubs as the new 2016/2017 Nigeria football starts soonest

It would be recalled that Sharks and Dolphins had a terrible football season, owing to that, Sharks was relegated to campaign in the lower division in the Nigeria Professional Football League, while Dolphins survived to play in the Nigerian elite division.

With the appointment of returnee commissioner for Sports, Hon. Boma Iyaye, he thought it fit to put another management in place to over see the affairs of the two clubs.

The question here is, Mr. Commissioner, who and who do you have in mind that would effectively run or manage the clubs without self interest?

If anyone considered good to be part of that management, that person should be one that has the interest to contribute selflessly so as to improve the clubs.

Appointment of members into that management should not be based on party membership, as a way of compensation; rather such members to be appointed should be seasoned footballers who properly might have played for either of the clubs, who have a burning desire to contribute to the upliftmen and progress of the clubs.

This is the advice of The Newswriter sports to the Hon. Commissioner for Sports. ###


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