Fake Election Result Sheets

March 19, 2016 will remain indelible in the political history of Rivers State. That it was the date, the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC fixed to conduct re-run elections for both State and National Assembly seats.

Prior to that day, the state has been in political turmoil, full of crisis Characterized by violence, kidnapping and destruction. The worst part of it was that, the various polling booths were flooded with fake election result sheets.

One will be forced to ask: How can INEC print fake election result sheets? As an independent electoral body it will not be possible for such a grievous mistake to be done on election result sheets.

Eligible Rivers voters who went to the polls to exercise their franchise were taken aback as violence, shooting took over the entire process. Several people were killed and scores of persons wounded. Hooliganism, thuggery and political criminals had field day to kill, maim the absence of original election sheets created havoc and mayhem in so many LGAs that led to the breakdown of law and order.

We call on the relevant authorities to investigate the source of the fake election result sheets and bring those who are involved to face the wrath of the law. ###

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