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Foreign Coach Won’t Take Bribe Alhaji Alfa

A member of the welfare committee of No. 1 Field Bende Street, Old Port Harcourt Township, Alhaji Alfa believes foreign coach for the Super Eagles would be in the best interest of the players and Nigeria.

His reasons, according to him foreign coach will not take bribe before making his team selection hence he is supporting a foreign coach for the Super Eagles job against indigenous coach.

He went on to explain that the indigenous coaches are full of corruption, adding that where there is a good player indigenous coach will collect (inducement) Money from the player and have him in his squad at the expense of the good players that ought to be in the team, he stressed that a foreign coach won’t try such rubbish because he wants result as to prove his pedigree, whereas the indigenous coach will not reason that way.

However, he said, some time the indigenous coaches too are not to be blame, because they are working under their black kinsmen, the possibility of favouring those at the helm of affairs sometime influence their action.

Giving more reasons he said, most time the employer of the indigenous coach influence his decision to accept a player not fit to be in the team.

The other reasons are based on not paying the indigenous coaches wages as when due. This could push a hungry coach to make an end meet; hence he is compelled to take bribe before inviting unfit player to the national team.

He contended that the Nigeria Football federation should do well to be corruption free, he further hinted Nigeria have some good indigenous coaches and players in the Nigeria Professional League, they won’t have the opportunity to feature in the national team, because they don’t have money and God father in NFF.

He maintained that foreign is preferable to the indigenous coaches because of their greed and selfish nature towards inviting deserving players to the national team, which a foreign coach wouldn’t dare.” ###

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