WOMEN FOCUS: Divorce? God Forbid

What really is marriage? What does it involve? Marriage is for all intent and purpose, the oldest institution created by God for mankind. It is a legal union of a mature man and a mature woman which enables them to live together as husband and wife.

An ever increasing divorce rate makes one to wonder if people really understand God’s stand on marriage.

Today, many approve and resort to divorce for any reason – incompatibility, unfulfilled expectations, childlessness, change in social status, societal or parental pressure etc, but God’s standard remain unchanged.

If God have intended for divorce, Adam would have divorce Eve in the Garden of Eden, when Eve lured him to eat the forbidden fruit.

At the institution of marriage, the divine blueprint is that the man leaves his father and mother and be joined to his wife and nothing should separate them.

The marriage knot is to be tied to prevent easy loosening. God did not make any provision for divorce.

God interest in marriage is such that He has his choice of life partner for every individual. He is the best and only accurate matchmaker. Only Him knows the ideal person, the most compatible partner from every life.

He knows the most suitable helpmeet that will complement an individual and help such to fulfill her God oriented goals and aspirations.

To find or be the best helpmeet for somebody is not what any woman can determine for herself. Why because you have not pass this way before. This is the more reason why life partner must have its origin in God and His direction.

Wedlock is a padlock. A padlock is very useful thing to preserve treasure. But it is terrible to be locked into marriage much disliked.

Instead of thinking of the possibility of divorce, wisdom demands that you spend more time and energy working towards the success of our marriage by dealing with some potential threats. Threats to marriage have many dimensions. They come in the form of:

Marital Tiredness: This can also be called “tired blood”, where the couples get tired of themselves and feel hopeless in their relationship. For a marriage to stay fresh and vibrant, it needs frequent does of fun and recreation. So take the time to have fun, keep your marriage alive and exciting.

Don’t adopt the attitude of “what will be will be”. Be brave and bold enough to have whatever it take attitude. Be passionate about your spouse, work hard at communicating with him so both of you can keep connected.

Unforgiveness and bitterness. These effectively choke the wheel of the marriage union, making it sluggish and sick. They cut off the life giving love and close up the communication channels that are necessary for the health and growth of the relationship. Break the wall of bitterness. Stop accumulating offence in your relationship with your spouse.

Don’t expect too much. Love and acceptance for your spouse shouldn’t base on excellences or flawless performance in everything. Allowance must be given for occasional slips. We must always remember that we all come from different backgrounds.

Satanic manipulations. Knowing that Satan and his cohorts are not happy seeing marriages succeeding because if families are strong and sound, the church and society will be free from evil. Satan will lose his battle, so he always fights tooth and nail against marriages.

“One will chase a thousand and two ten thousand”, the understanding of this verse will not allow devil to rest on marriage because if the family is in unity, they can attain greater height.

The Women Focus is pleading that instead of contemplating divorce, why not call on the originator of marriage.

When a man bought a car and it went bad within the guarantee period, he sent it to the manufacturer; the company will fix it and sent it back to the buyer. Send that marriage back to the manufacturer, He knows what is wrong with it.  Don’t do it your own way. ###

Edith Nse Friday



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