Krakrama Crisis: Youths Accuse Council Chairman

Some concerned youths of Krakrama community in Asari/Toru local government area of Rivers State have accused the council boss, Hon. Ojukaye Flag Amachree and what they called his problem-making agents of sponsoring cultism, leading to the recent crisis in Krakrama community where many lost their lives and several houses were burnt, barely few days ago.
Comr. Christian Sukubo speaking on behalf of the youths made the allegations when briefing The Newswriter in Port Harcourt.
Comr. Sokubo and other concerned youths said the government of Rivers state under the leadership of Rt. Hon. Chibuke Rotimi and the security agents must know the truth and the remote cause of the recent crisis in Krakrama which they alleged, was carried out by a cult gang who identified themselves as MEND, Karakrama Branch.
In his briefing, Comr. Sukubo persistently maintained his allegation that the council boss sponsored one Mr. Ifokobo, leader of the MEND in Krakrama, including Gift Otaji, Sobele Ikalaso, Atiyekeomie Otayi, Lolobala, Diko Peter, Boy Eferebo, Babageda, Philip Abereke, Inam the don and Chief G.D. Orukoro, Dagogo Edmonson (youth president) and Chief Light Dabobiegbon Albert to thwart the accreditation of the youth election in Krakrama and install Mr. Dagogo Edmonson as the president of the youths in Krakrama without observing the due process of the election to achieve his political gains and take control of the royalties of the Krakrama flow station.
In the same development Comr. Sokubo said that due to the abused process of the youth election in the community, the king of Krakrama, HRH King Iwari G. Bala, urged the council boss to stop the election, but Hon. Ojukaye deliberately refused and told king Iwari Bala that he has no right to direct him on what to do and disregarded the King’s commitment to ensure credible youth election in Krakrama, finally installing Mr. Dagogo Edmonson as the youth president of the community without the adoption of the youth constitution of the community and it led to the cult clashes.
Buttressing his allegations, Comr. Sukubo said, “On the 20th march 2010, I was severely matcheted to the point of death by Mr. Ifokobo, leader of the MEND in Krakrama community and Gift Otaji, Sobele Ikalabo, Atiyekeomie Otayi, Lolobala, Diko Peter, Boy Eferebo, Babageda, Philip Abereke, Inam the don and the rest of them. These same people on the 21st March, 2012 also matcheted one Mr. Obuobraa juika and Obitiya Sukubo who were sent by the king to call Mr. Dagogo Edmonson, the former Youth president for a peace talk. One Mr. J.J Ginah was also matcheted at about 8pm. When the community became tensed by this gangsters who called themselves MEND, the king appealed to the council boss to deploy security personal to the community, but Ojukaye kept deaf ears and invited us, the victims, with our painful wounds and the Ifokobo group for a talk. Unknown to us, Ojukaye Amachree arrested us with our paining wounds. We reported to the CSO of the council and the former IYC chairman of ASALGA including the police and no action was taken against the culprits till date because the council boss is using these culprits for his political gains. Now they have achieved their purpose to set the community ablaze. Now he has the knowledge that the military can now come to Krakrama, why is he deceiving the public and people of Krakrama?”
He claimed that the king of the community and his council of chiefs have severally ordered Mr. Ifokobo and his terrorizing gang to submit the guns in their possession and the council chairman was also tipped, but they refused to obey the king’s order till date and the chairman purportedly ordered their arrest but surprisingly they have their liberty, rather those arrested were severely wounded.
Comr. Sukubo further maintained he has all what it takes to prove that Hon. Ojukaye Amachree and Dagogo Edmonson are the sponsors of the crisis in Krakrama, urging that the government of Rivers State and the security personel should hold the council chairman responsible and appealed to all well-meaning sons and daughters to remain focused on the progress of the community no matter the tactics of detractors.
When The Newswriter visited the king of Krakrama in Krakrama community after clearance with the deployed armed military personnel to ascertain the level of damages, king Bala said, “I am not going to say anything until I am back from the police investigation. After all they deprived me form receiving money as royalties since then. In fact if they want to take over the Kingship let them come and take it,” while the youth president, Dagogo Edmonson declined comment
As for the council chairman, when contacted, he sent a text message saying, “please call my press secretary” and gave a line.
When called, the Press secretary said they were mere allegations and no truth in them.
Meanwhile visiting the scene of crime in the community, Chief Mack-Sukubo, Chief Apanaya Obu Chief Jebin L. Ginah and chief Orubo’s houses and others seriously burnt down, were worth millions of naira. One person died during the incident. ###

Alakpakabie Tobin

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