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Lucozade Boost Splash Gifts At Energy Moment Show … As Winners Commend Product

In what seems like a shock to many winners who appeared on the programme “Energy moment show “lucozade boost had more of the point that those who patronize the product will be rewarded anywhere in the country.
Lucozade boost has rewarded winners on its “Energy moment show” radio programme. The show which started 3 weeks ago has produced winners of fantastic gifts to their amazement. The radio programme has the opportunity to customers to share stories of the most energetic individuals in their lives at any point in time whether at school, work place or at home.
In a statement made available to newsmen, the Brand Manager, Chidike Oluaoha said Lucozade Boost contains certain ingredients like glucose, which the body needs to replace the lost energy, Oluoha stated that Lucozade Boost is very friendly and can be enjoyed at any place, any time, anywhere. Such locations he said are schools, homes, offices, bar and at parties while dancing.
He maintained that the Lucozade Boost is very vital to the body system and the programme gave opportunity to friends, colleagues and family members to share their energetic moment together.
Also speaking, the Head of Marketing, Nutrinual GSK Nigeria PLC Cherry Bromosele stated that “Glaxosmithline makers of Lucozade Boost aim is to improve the health condition and quality of life of Nigerians which will increase their life-span.
The winners who spoke to our correspondent expressed joy and satisfaction for the programme.
A Port Harcourt winner Chika Oyemenen who won Lucozade Boost packs expressed joy and appreciation to Lucozade Boost. “I appreciate the gift from Lucozade Boost, I drink Lucozade a lot, and when the programme started I participated in the show and I was very creative, he said.
Emilia Anyeagbu from Enugu who won blackberry smart phone on the show also expressed her happiness for the gift splash from the programme.
According to her “I first did not believe it is true but as the programme gets on they called me that I won”
The Abuja axis was not left out, as one Olpuju Olawole grabbed the blackberry at the Abuja zone. He said the programme was unique as Lucozade boost organized the “energy moment show programme was fun, sharing with my friends on the raido, it is amazing I won a blackberry phone” he stated.###

Pius Dukor

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