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Rivers SWAN Yet To Receive Amaechi’s N2 Million

GOV. CHIBUIKE ROTIMI AMAECHIThe governor of Rivers State, Governor Amaechi early part of last year pronounced 2 million naira for the Sports Writers Association of Nigeria, Rivers State chapter (SWAN) being money to show appreciation for all its contributions in reporting the Eko games last year in Lagos.

While the sports writers at home thanked the governor in appreciation of his good gesture, the money has not being received till date, and another national sports festival is being prepared for by the state in Calabar later November this year.

What the sports writers are asking for is the money really meant for the SWAN members or it was just a camouflaged? Or what is happening?

The commissioner of sports, Rivers State himself could not provide answers to these questions or could we say that Rivers State is broke to the point of 2 million could not be paid to the hard working sports journalists in the state.

If the governor knows that he is not sure that money could be paid to the sports writers, why make the pronouncement?

A promise is a debt waiting like a riped fruit to fall any day anytime, must the sports writers wait without grumbling, like the riped proverbial fruits waiting to fall on the earth any day, any time?

Another National sports festival is in sight and the sports journalists are still working without having a taste of the cash they have been promised early last year by the state governor, this does not encourage a working relationship for the pen pushers in the state. ###

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