A Personal or Universal God?

Everybody desires God but no one wants to know about God or who God is. But everyday, all His creatures do all sorts of things in the name of God without caring about what the will of God is in any circumstance. Some even pray against their perceived enemies (other children of God!) all in the name of God Almighty. But can God be a personal God? Can God be the sole property of any religious group? Does God belong to any religion? Can any individual claim God Almighty that created all animate and in-animate things? Is God a personal or universal God?

Recently a friend in Port Harcourt lost an uncle and she was sad throughout the day she heard the news.

‘Why would God allow this to happen?’ She cried

‘Why would God allow evil to thrive and allow evildoers to go unpunished?’ She wailed. How will I complete my education? She asked no one in general.

This lady represents the general thinking of the average HU-man being. For humans love pain and suffering and they would hold fanatically to a belief system even when they know that it would not give answers to their questions. The lady in question had claimed that she saw an old woman in her dream cut down a tree in their compound. Two days later her uncle passed on to the world beyond.

‘Would you like to contact your uncle?’ I asked quietly after she had quieted down.

‘How do you mean?’ She asked, startled.

‘You can contact your uncle, if you love him that much. He is not dead but has only dropped the physical body’ I replied calmly, unperturbed.

‘No, not now’ she answered lamely.

‘So why are you crying and feeling so sad? Do you want to join him?’ I asked

‘God forbid!’ came a sharp reply

‘Then why are you crying your eyes out for somebody who is dead in the Hu-man body but still alive somewhere else?’ I asked

‘He has helped me a lot, and I miss him so much….’

But supposing it is the will of god for him to drop the HU-man body at this time, would you want to question God? I asked again. ‘If you understand the ways of God, you will not cry for too long because you can actually be with your uncle again only if you can drop your fear. I concluded.

No human in any universe can change the will of God with prayer. This will surprise many of us who claim to be prayer warriors and charlatans who collect money from their equally gullible clients or customers all in the name of changing the will of God for man. For if man knows who he truly is as Soul he would not bother to pray to God simply because it would not be necessary. For God hardly interferes in the affairs of man but loves Soul much more than man can ever know.

Soul exists because God loves It!

For if God did not love Soul, there would not be any existence anywhere in the universes of God.

God created Soul out of divine love. For Soul is that spiritual aspect of man that is created in the image and likeness of God. It is not the physical body of man that is created like God. For those who know Soul or has experienced themselves as Soul, will find that Soul is the LIGHT of God individualized. The Holy Spirit is the voice of God. It is also the body of God through which all things are created and sustained. No one can exist outside this body of God. But God does not rule its creation by pulling stings when Nigeria is playing with Brazil to favor Nigeria. That is when most religions will start bombarding God with prayers on such occasion out of ignorance.

God rules all creations through immutable spiritual laws that enables the spiritual hierarchy to rule creation efficiently. Ignorance of these spiritual laws is no excuse as man continues to violate these laws from time and again and again out of ignorance but mostly propelled through selfishness and limited understanding of God.

Since God is the Creator of Man, man in his attempt to contact God created various religions based on the initial understanding and the experiences of the founders of such religions. Thus God does not belong to any religion, but no religion can exist without God. In fact, every religion is a reflection of the level of understanding of the followership in the wisdom of God. God understands us all but we do understand God differently and is reflected in our various religions. This is the reason why some feel their God is bigger than the God of other religions simply because they have a limited perception and understanding of God. No religion can put God in their pocket because God is mightier than the whole universes put together and is everywhere.

The problems people have would propel them towards the religion they have earned in this lifetime. Some jump from one religion to another simply because they have not seen what they want and they will continue to wander from lifetime to lifetime until they realize that the God they seek is within. God is never without. It has always been within and can be seen as Light and heard as Sound. Apart from these, no individual can contact God through any other means.

Thus the love of God works like electricity, for it is impartial. It will neither support nor be against any individual but those who know Its ways will benefit immensely from this interaction with the Holy Spirit as It shall continue to support those Souls who surrender to Its will and do Its bidding. Those who are ignorant of Its ways and refuse to do Its bidding shall be subject to karma and reincarnation on the Wheel of Life. They will be born, die and shall reincarnate millions of times until they have the opportunity to meet with the Spiritual Coach, who shall set their feet on the path back home to God

Thus life after life, Man continues to come and go, come and go through karma and reincarnation until the physical worlds begin to get familiar to them. Their memory is blotted out and life seems to be starting afresh because Soul is given new opportunity to redeem Itself only if man would listen.

The starting point is HU, The Holy and Sacred name of God.

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