I Feel For My Dear Old Parent, The Pensioners

1Timothy 5:18B says “And the labourer is worthy of his (her) wages”. The civil servants having put all their lives in Civil service would naturally expect to be rewarded at the end of their service. The immediate rewards are by ways of salaries and wages, while his time rewards are by the ways of pensions

Contributions Of Mission To Nation Building

One of the intriguing questions: is what would have been the nature of Nigerian education and health care system if the Christian missions had not come to Nigeria in 1842 and thereafter. According to Babalola, the greatest contribution of the missionaries in Nigeria was in the field of education. The first known school in Nigeria

Support Empowerment Programme for Young Women: Thanking Excelsis Diadem Services

I want to start with a brief story that will motivate any well meaning individual that is reading this page. My late grandfather told me a story when he was alive about a young man in his village. He said, the young man was fond of stealing people goat, chicken, yam, unfried garri, palm fruit

The Effect Of Inciting Statement In Nigeria

The incessant and unprovoked hate utterances renting the electronic and print media in Nigeria is a threat to national unity. Ethnic strategists use subtle and inciting statement to create platform in order to voice out their ethnic sentiment. Taking a critical look at the trend of events in Nigeria gives room for fear and uncertainty.


Peamb1e: In dealing with the history of the Rivers State under the circumstances of this lecture, one can only reasonably concern himself mainly with the movements culminating in the creation of the State, and not necessarily with detailed facts of history of each ethnic group constituting the Rivers State. In any case, a cursory glance

WOMEN FOCUS: Women: Rising Above Your Ugly Past

Each new day of your life is a gift from God that He wants you to live. But if the pain you have suffered in your past is still impacting on your life then, you can’t fully embrace the new life offer by God because you will be stuck in a frustrating cycle of brokenness

The Acting President Visit To Niger Delta

The Niger Delta region of Nigeria is the hub of oil and gas business in the country. But it is the most neglected region of Nigeria. The economy of Nigeria cannot survive without oil and gas from the Niger Delta. This age-long neglect has given room to agitation by the people of the region to

Praying For Your Husband

Marriage is a ministry and for any ministry to be operational or functional, prayer must be one of the major ingredients. Husbands are the General Overseer of every home (marriage) which is the ministry. Wives are the residents or assistant pastors in the marriage. Your duty as a wife and an assistant to the fulfillment

WOMEN FOCUS: Women: Making 2017 Work For You

The practice at this time of the year is to make resolutions on how to move forward in the New Year, habit to reinforce and that to discard. It is a goal setting process. A New Year is like a blank notebook, you get to write anything you want in it. The New Year stands

Women: Christmas In Recession, Be Wise

Women: Christmas In Recession, Be Wise

Yuletide is a great time of the year, especially for families because it is a time for holiday, when everybody will be at home, daddy and mummy will be there for their kids who had wanted to be with them so much. Christmas also is a time when the strength of marriage is been tested,